WWE Employee wishes Matt Hardy dead?

So earlier this morning an employee of WWE named Julie Youngberg who was married to former WWE talent and good friend of the Hardy’s Shannon Moore went full on attack mode on twitter. It all started with a fan speculated about the possibility of Matt Hardy being the fifth and final member of team Miz that is where Julie started by saying she wished that it was “dead Matt” who would be the fifth man. Things got worse and Reby Hardy went on to engage with her in a Twitter Battle. below is the tweets from both women.

This is not the first time that Julie Youngberg has been outspoken on Social Media and gotten into a fight with Reby Hardy.

Previously, she spoke out and said that Matt was not the father of Reby’s son, and called the baby ‘half black’. That time Reby called her out as well and accused her of having an extramarital affair, with Justin Gabriel.





Hey @WWE! Your employees have too much time on their hands; they’re busy creating paranoid, racist delusions. Oh & fucking Justin Gabriel ☕️


Say it in person next time ! Say hi, babe ! What’s GOOD, twitter fingers !!! Just remember: I ain’t got a job to lose https://twitter.com/anjewelsbrand/status/920425619447480325 

 She also alluded to the time when Youngberg had previously spoken up against Matt and her on Twitter.

This crackhead been running her mouth for YEARS. We forget she exists until she comes out her mouth every few months

🎵Why you so obsessed🎵 https://twitter.com/anjewelsbrand/status/920425619447480325 

The nut who tweeted Matt wasn’t Maxel’s dad a few years ago & his “real” dad was black…Bc that’s the worst “insult” she could think of https://twitter.com/deandrebrownv3/status/920474188795797504 


Ok everyone. I don’t care about the NC crew… do whatever u want losers. I accidentally married into that psycho club and now I’m out.

And why I’m fighting with ghosts from my past is beyond me….

Just who the hell is Julie Youngberg anyway? Who? Oh, some chick that got destroyed by @RebyHardyhttps://twitter.com/anjewelsbrand/status/920467228960706562 

She is someone who’s been employed by wwe for 30 yrs…made most of the iconic costumes you’ve watched on tv.


That u can become “someone” thru marriage makes me laugh… try hard work and talent! Then talk to me.

I do want to say in all this @JEFFHARDYBRAND has been nothing but nice. he is a true superstar.

Now that the battle ended for now The WWE Seamstress may have taken things a tad too

far this time, and WWE might not be tolerant of her abusive and offensive tweets.

She may find she has stitched herself into a corner with her torrent of tweets


Reviews, WWE Raw



Hi I’m Paul and here is a look at Monday night Raw

Last Raw before TLC on Sunday lets see what we have installed

We open the show with Kurt Angle bigging up TLC and the SHIELD, they enter the arena, in Shield GEAR and through the audience! and call out there opponents for this Sunday. They come but Kurt stops it and big ups the matches for tonight, Raw Tag team title match with Ambrose and Rollins vs the bar and Reigns vs Stroman in a cage match.


Before the match a very funny segment, the normal Elias segment but with the club joining in on the singing, gets good heat and is quite funny showing all 3 men mic work. Even Anderson singing the Honkey Tonk Man theme gave me a smile.

The match is textbook, a lot of the faces getting beat down in the match until the hot tag to the star there trying to build up in Jason Jordan, Crews gets the pinfall for the 3 count

Winners- Titus, Crews and Jason Jordan. 


This match was very short and felt rused, Everyone got a turn to show a little and typical heels beatdown to hot tag finish crews getting the pin was a bit odd but maybe trying not to think there shoving Jordan down our throats. Yet again i dont see where we go from here at all, very rushed and just not enough time to tell a story or anything, poor start to the show.

Quick backstage interview with Emma saying she wants more attention and more of the woman’s revolution stuff, Bliss appears and agrees and talks about having a tag team match with Mickie later with Emma, she agrees and both exits together.

Promo showing the feud between Cedric Alexander vs Brian Kendrick and Gentleman Jack

Gentleman Jack w Brian Kendrick vs Cedric Alexander w Rich Swann

Cedric is a house on fire, hitting all the big moves early, Brian Kendrick distracts and helps Jack out and he takes over, very slow beat down control.

Cedric gets control over the match, hits the Lumbar Check for the 3 count

Winner- Cedrick Alexander

Grade- D+

Same as the first match, very short again, seemed very quick show off what both men can do, Both men do come off well showcasing why there very highly regarded in the WWE but this match is not going to do much good, yes it carries on the feud for Sunday but not much else, two short throw away matches to start raw.

MIZ TV segment

As normal The miz tv segment is very well put together, the Miz is the best talker on raw at the minute and is a great asset to the show, his guest is Braun Stroman and they all talk about the destruction of the shield, The miz mentions the fact Dean Ambrose keeps saying they want to take on the world so he wants to make the TLC match a 5-3 handicap match. Kurt Angle comes out and refuses this, after some talking Kurt says if Stroman wins they can have 5 but if Reigns wins they loose Stroman at TLC.

Sasha Banks Vs Alecia Fox

Playing on the fact last week Fox tapped out and this is why the match is going ahead, Banks goes for a bank statement early and fails. The rest of the match is Fox beating down on Banks until another Bank statement and tap out victory.

Winner- Sasha Banks 

Grade- D- 

This match was prime example of no idea what to do with these women so trying to get a little feud together and see what happens, playing on the old Fox is crazy angle, Very simple match again, Little to no sequences and over quick. Three throw away matches now, very slow start on the go home show.

Enzo and Kalisto cut a promo against each other in the ring. Enzo talks alot and i don’t really get what he is saying im just guessing its bad against Kalisto, Kalisto when he speaks is not coming across very good, After a while of talking from behind Tony Neese, Drew Gulak, Noam dar and Davari attack and a massive beat down takes place on the cruiser weight champion. Mustsfa ali comes to the rescue but its shortly lived as the numbers game takes over.



Both teams are going at each other hard and fast. Seth rollins takes a lot of the beat downs in this match, The bar working well together in the double team front. Hot tag to dean for a big clean up and the pace is so quick, theirs a great spot with a double suicide dive out other sides of the ring.

The finish of the match is Rollins spinning Knee strike into the dirty deads for the pin fall

Winners- Rollins and Ambrose to retain 

Grade- B 

This match was the wake up call raw needed, fast action, great spots and double team moves to die for. These two teams work absolutely work really well together. Moves things on nicely for TLC gives the Bar incentive to go all out and keeps the Shield reunion strong.

There is a tiny segment with Axel saying to the Bar they cant make mistakes at TLC etc, Stroman enters and then coaches Stroman for his cage match and says they need him. Axel makes statement bout he would fight reigns himself, stroman demands he does, Axel leaves.

Balor enter the ring and says he thinks Wyatt has unleashed a monster, but he has a demon to slay the monster. There was a moment of Balors face close up and cutting to recorded footage of his face painted as the demon. Very odd and weird for 2017.


Standard start to the match Bayley and Emma show off there mat work, Emma gets out wrestled by the face till the heels get advantage for the most part of the match

Hot tag Mickie at the end for a Mick Kick on the champ and a 3 count.

Winners- James and Bayley

Grade- C 

I will admit i wasn’t looking forward to this match, the gave this match alot more time and they could show off the story much better then if it was shorter, Bayley is a great worker and the pin fall sets up doubt for bliss going into TLC.


Cuts backstage to carry on the Axel segment, He finds the Shield and goes runnning towards them before a quick ad break. Come back from the ad break we see the Miz talking to the bar and Stroman and asks where he is, Stroman says he gone to beat up Reigns, Miz looks worried and runs off to find him.

Quick interview with Mickie James saying yes she is upset by Bliss and the Age bullying but she will show why she is a great superstar and proud what she achieved.

The miz finds Axel beat up and hanging up by his ankles, very funny and nice moment. Rene asks bout Axel and being the 5th man, He says he wasn’t the 5th Man.

Braun Stroman vs Roman Reigns Steel Cage Match

This match showcases what we have seen from there last few matches, Reigns fighting with his speed  but the monster over powering till Reigns gets the advantage, very back and forth, Reigns attempts a escape and the bat stop him followed very quickly by Rollins and Ambrose, they brawl out to the crowd.

There is a great spot when Stroman superplexs Reigns off the top of the cage back in, more back and forth then the bar and Shield fight back up the ramp and back stage, The match cuts to there brawl, until the Miz locks all 4 men in the car park.

The closing of the match sees reigns hits Stroman with a superman punch for a close 2 count. He goes for a spear in the corner then BOOM!

KANES MUSIC HITS! Reigns being distracted fails the spear and Kane comes up from the ring. The big red machine hits 2 chokeslams, the two big men assault Reigns with tombstones and finally a power slam for the pin fall

Winner- Braun Stroman 

Grade- C+

A great main event, these two have shown there great working together, didn’t like how the match cut away near the end, also Kane being revealed being the 5th man added to the match is really odd, yes another monster but with TLC this Sunday we wont get a chance to hear why. The spots were brutal and shown both men can take bumps as they give them out.

Final Thoughts

Grade- C 

This show was all about the Shield, every chance was the Shield, no matter how long they stay together they will milk this lol!

The show got better as it went along as it should but the throw away matches were really throw away. Glad there was a big theme match finish adds to the go home show feel. Kudos to the Miz and his mic work and a shout out to Mickie James showing maybe not as over as she should be but a great worker passing on knowledge as she goes. Plus a surprise return is possible the best way for a pop but i was so confused why Kane. Also the Balor wyatt thing in 2017 is not really working with the crowd, monsters fighting demons is very late 80’s early 90’S however maybe Balors skill will shine through like in the past.

What did you think? let us know

Im Paul and thats your Raw Review



The Truth behind the new cruiserweight title?? 

Kalisto recently revealed the new WWE Cruiserweight Championship in this photo from backstage at WWE’s live event in Yakima, Washington. As you can see, on Instagram/Twitter Kalisto post a black strap instead of a purple strap belt.

But It seems like new cruiserweight champion Kalisto used a filter on Instagram/Twitter. Don’t believe me then check this out. 

Check out his facebook post and belt have old purple strap. 

Did it fool you? 

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WWE Rumour – Superstar to make spooky return?



It seems very likely that former WWE superstar or should I say spookystar is set to make a return to the company over the Halloween period. Both Monday Night Raw and Smackdown live will be live over the 30th and 31st of October. Rumours are flying around that he’ll be part of one show or the other during a segment.

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Roster members planning to leave following Neville Saga? – My View

Ok, so lets start this off. Recently Neville of the WWE Cruiserweight division has made the news. The Englishman has made headlines due to the apparent rumours of the man walking out of Monday Night Raw, apparently this was due to Neville not agreeing with the role that the WWE wanted him to pursue that night. According to reports, he was told that he would be facing Enzo Amore again, and lose. Obviously, Neville having already lost the title to Enzo, didn’t want to lose to him yet again.


Due to this, it makes myself wonder why aren’t the writers doing anything for him, he has bought the Cruiserweight division alive and the title more worthy than ever after his crucial campaign as the champion. He would be the ideal candidate to rival Miz for the Intercontinental Championship, which in turn would elevate Neville even more and give the Intercontinental champion more of a challenge to keep the gold belt.

download (1)

More rumours doing the rounds, is that many more competitors want to leave the company. With this being said, you can understand that many contracted superstars are underused. If you think back to the Attitude Era, many things attracted viewers to the product with many feuds and story lines that lasted long and people would tune in regardless to see their favourite feud. If you think back you had the following who had good TV time and were integral to WWE doing so well:

  • The Rock
  • Triple H
  • Stone Cold
  • Chris Jericho
  • Kurt Angle
  • Chyna
  • Dudley Boys
  • Hardy Boys
  • APA
  • Chris Benoit
  • Cactus Jack/Mick Foley/Mankind
  • DX
  • Steve Blackman
  • Al Snow
  • Undertaker
  • Kane
  • HBK
  • McMahon family


That is just a list of wrestlers from the top of the head, and you would think they would have gone out into that ring and stole the show and gave it their all every night, the same cannot be said for the current roster. However one thing i will say is that the writers and producers are different and obviously, you cannot do some of the stuff that was produced back then on the current product, but boundaries can be pushed to help certain members of the current roster.


Thanks for reading

Richard McCarthy



Reviews, WWE Smackdown




Hi i’m Paul Kindon and heres a review of the Smackdown live after hell in the cell

Show opens up on a epic recap on the main event, after we hear annocement that Kevin Owens and Sami Zayn will appear tonight.

Also AJ styles will get his rematch for the united states title tonight against Baron Corbin.


Jimmy and Jey slowly walk down to the ring to a nice pop showing respect for there work at Hell in a cell. Quick pictures showing there match with the New Day.

Very cockey and confident promo claiming they own the divison and have it on lock down, they go on to call out the new day to tell them something to there face

QUE usally pop for the new day who also showing battlewounds as they walk slowly down. A staredown to start to get the crowd going.

The Usos say they made history that night and all the other tag teams in the back suck and these two teams are the best. They go on to say that no matter what these two make magic in that ring. They get real and claim no one sees them in the state they were after the match driving to the next town and only the new day know how that feels after hell in a cell.

The new day ask if the Usos are asking for a truce? The Usos respond with just repect.

QUE The hype bros come running out, mojo claims yes its only two tag teams getting all the time in the spot light and nothing for anybody else. Nice jab from a Uso bout Mojo sitting on the sidelines like his NFL career

QUE Gable and Benjamins music, Gable said they should be next in line before the Hype bros for titles. the usos claims Gable is smart getting a Benjamin for a partner but no back off the line,

QUE Breezangos music and enter the arena.

QUE the Aascensions music straight away and enter the arena to join, they say they fed up being in the wasteland.

Usos lay a challenge for any team to make a name for them selfs.

Que GM Daniel Bryan enters arena and says tonight isnt the night for this, thanks them for there match but tells them get out the ring and sets up a fatal 4 way match for the new number 1 contenders for the Usos.


Not alot to go on about this match, the crowd is very dead and its standard everyone having a little go and showing what they can do. Gable and Benjamin get alot of time early on showing great team work together, pretty much the only team the crowd interested in. Breezango got a little reaction before the match earlier but more shock factor they were actually on tv no in the fashion files. Small moment all teams get in ring to square off before the ads kick in.

Comeback to Mojo in control of Tyler Breeze, quick brakedown brawl leaving Mojo and Breeze. Leads to the hype bros fighting together after a miscomunication but zack ryder gains control.

Benjamin hits everyone with a powerful big move and him and Gable stand tall. Fandango gets involved however fails a leg drop. Gable and benjamin hit there finisher and get the 3 count for the win and the title shot.



Not alot going for this match. Make sure every gets a turn and makes some noise however part from Gable and Benjamin no other team got a reaction, the hype bros still showing the signs of the break up but yet again no pay off so not really bothered at the moment now and bored of waiting for anything to happen. Good showing and right booking of the winners.


Quick backstage moment showing Owens and Zayns dressing room but been told we got to wait for them. Most like ending of the show right there.

announced for later Nakamura and Orton vs Rusev and Aiden English for later on.

After a recap of the womens match from Hell in a cell we go to backstage segement with All the women ending in a brawl between Nattie and Charlotte after talking smack about Ric Flair.

Cut to Rene to talk to Baron Corbin and we get in sight of there match tonight with AJ styles.


Feels like forever seeing Becky in ring action. Becky is over Carmella scrappy brawling. Carmella out the ring uses Elsworth to get cheap shot in and starts on the offensive. Still very scrappy and brawling style from this till till Carmerlla hits a head lock on and starts working it.

Crowd nicely behind Lynch which is good. Traditional Becky come back alot of punches, Hits the Disarmer on Carmella and taps out for the win.



Yes it was OK, but nothing will change after this match, Carmella still made out to look super weak and this hasnt helped Becky get a title shot at all. Not much wrestling at all all very much like a street brawl.


Owens comes out barely walking looking completly battered and bruised after his match with Shane. Owens brags over victory and sending Shane to hell. Claims Shane isnt coming back. Talks bout him seeing the light during there match and came close to death but the world needs Kevin Owens and he has a guardian angle in Sami Zayn. His mission now is to make Smackdown Live  Kevins Heaven or the Kevin Owens show again. He introduces Sami Zayn as his best friend???

Que Zayn and he enters the ring Kevin wants him to tell him to say he didnt ask for his help however he thanks him anyway. Sami says the attack a few weeks ago opened his eyes about trying to please people brought him nothing but no success and how Kevin owens got all his succes not matter what. He said he thought he had a chance on Smackdown live with a chance and respect from Shane and claimed nothing had happened at all since he came over. He claims Shane never cared about him. Shane went to far at Hell in a cell. He and Kevin were still brothers forever and he saved him and that was the right thing to do cause Shane went to far. Sami thanks Owens and they hug it out in the ring. There friendship brotherhood is back and stronger then ever.


Nice promo Kevin Owens is still one of the best heels on the roster and this allaince can go a lot of places, they needed to do something with Sami after a failed push since coming to Smackdown so overall happy with this booking.


Orton starts out like a house on fire really taking it to Rusev,  outside the ring Aiden tries to help however Orton slams Rusev into the announce table really early on.  Another distraction from English and a big kick to Orton and a neck breaker on the outside. There in complete control now as go to ad break.

Rusev still in control when come back on Orton, good team work with Rusev and English as they carry on a beat down, a few little comeback attempts but nothing working.

POW vintage Orton powerslam and hot tag to NAKAMURA taking both his oppodents out. Hitting all his vintage strong style offence on English. Rusev stops the Kinshasa but Orton hits the RKO to rusev and then the Kinshasa to English for the 3 count


Nice little quick tag match, right people go over, nice to see the RKO and the Kinsha in the same match. Standard beat down and hot tag scenario.

Backstage interview Styles and usual chatting bout Corbin before there match.

Promo showing Luke Harper and Eric Rowan standing will mallets saying there bludgeon brothers showing there reforming as a tag team, least Harper back on TV.


Goes on to say how GLORIOUS his PPV debut match was on Sunday till Ziggler ruined it with the Zig Zag. He asks Ziggler for a fight.

Que Zigglers music, well till its cut again like at the pay per view (might be he his new music/ gimmick)

Ziggler goes on and says well done to Roode on his entrance and then when it came to the wrestling he was the better man. Saying Roode panicked and had to cheat to win cause he was better. Not just a flashy entrance he was a cheater. Ziggler still playing on he is the best in ring in WWE and he wants a re match.

Bobby accepts the re match, Bobby has forgotten his lines and it shows really bad until he gets back into it and says lets have the rematch now. Ziggler teases alot and even a ref goes out but refuses and that is the end


Roode messes up and it shows him quite badly, nothing really moved forward in this that we didn’t already know, we knew they be a rematch after the last match so nothing to rave about here in this promo.


Baron Corbin (c) Vs AJ Styles. 

Early match Corbin cant get going and needs to re group himself on the outside a few times. Showing how superrior AJ is in the ring. Cut to a ad break.

Come back Corbin in control with a monsterous clothesline on Styles and carries out a assualt on him. A nice few spots out the ring into the announce table and stlyes hits all his signatures for the crowd

Very back and forward both men get a lot in, both look very good, . Styles comes back to get the calf crusher on but Corbin breaks out. Styles takes a big bump being thrown from the apron to the floor, Corbin drags him in to the ring.

END OF DAYS 3 count Corbin wins clean and retains his championship. Post match interview with Rene and Corbin, Corbin tells the audience he not going anywhere and really bragging this victory.



A very solid match, both men look good together, just not a lot of time for the main event, the post match interview was so short it just felt odd being there.

Final thought


A odd show after a epic PPV the matches didnt burn the house down, the storys going forward are good and will be played out well, the math of the night belongs to the United states match the rest of the card was pretty weak however there in early building period for the next PPV so lets see where we go from here.

Im Paul Kindon and thanks for reading.





Reviews, WWE Raw



Hi Im Paul Kindon and here is a quick review of Monday Night Raw.


The shows opens up straight away to the Miz hosting MIZ TV and with announcement of the Mizzy awards part 2. He awards one to Curtis Axel and they both send best wishes to Bo Dallas.

Miz goes on to talk a bout the destruction of Roman Reigns from last weeks show and awards a award to the Bar (Sheamus and Ceasro) for their part they played in it. The Bar has there entrance and go make there way to the ring to join Miz and Axel.

Sheamus goes on how great the Bar are and how they are going places after last week and thanks the Miz and thanks Roman Reigns for helping. Ceasro says thanks to the Raw tag team champions for helping them be The Bar, Miz address the fact the buzz around the possible Shield reunion and claims that will not happen and that the Shield is outdated etc with a a little time to award himself a Mizzy as well in the process. Kudos to the crowd with the “you deserve it” chants they really made me chuckle.

QUE the big dog music and Roman Reigns enters the arena to quite a good mixed reception compared to the past down pours of boos he been getting. Miz sticks the boot in before Roman shuts him down and tells them to get out his ring.

Shield chants enter the arena as Miz talks bout the numbers game. Miz tells him to get Dean and Seth for back up or was it all rumours.

QUE Dean Ambroses music and enters the lunatic fringe, Miz looks a little worried now, QUE Seth Rollins music and enters The Architect as the Shield stands together on the ramp looking down at the ring, the crowd is loving this and there is a electric feel as they head to the ring. Classic shield surround the ring like old times. Brawl starts as the Shield take advantage and takes apart the Bar and Axel. The Miz is left alone and gets hit with dirty deeds then a classic triple power bomb. The Shield stand tall over a knocked out Miz. All three bump fists as the commentators go on as the Shield has been reunited once again! the crowd is loving it even more.


great start to the show the Miz always delivers on the mic and the inclusion of the bar worked well, the feel when all three members were back together cleaning house was a great moment which will be remembered which WWE needs to start doing again. This will help Roman in the long run as the crowd is not going to Boo the Shield even with Reigns in there, gives everyone involved something to do for a while and will make some great match ups for sure.


Jason showing off his great ring work again taking down Anderson. The crowd loving the 2 SWEET chants tonight.  Very back and forward but alot of time for Jordan to show his power throwing Anderson around with ease. Gallows distract to help Anderson take control before the break.

Come back and Anderson still beating down Jordan targeting the left arm. A lot of keeping Jordan down to the mat working the arm taking the momentum away from Jordan.

Jordan starts making a comeback, crowd showing a lot more interest then normal for Jordan which is definite step in the right direction,

Straps down hit the spear in the corner to Anderson. Gallows interfers for a little distraction but Jason jordan hits with the neck breaker and gets the 3 count.



Very short match nothing special delivered from either men, very smooth and a good job putting Jordan over showing he is great in ring. Right steps in the right direction.


BACKSTAGE the Miz is getting medical attention when Kurt Angle comes in and then announces The Miz and the Bar will face the Shield in a TLC match at the TLC PPV.

ladies and gentlemen………. ELIAS….. for the record this little promo he cuts still work so well and entertaining he does it and keeps him relevant very good booking from WWE.

Elias starts to play but over him a bango noise starts to play as Titus comes out playing and ask “Who wants to work with TITUS WORLDWIDE” AND “WHO WANTS TO FOLLOW APOLLO” Titus plays a song for Elias with the bango, this is actually very entertaining and the crowd love the humour. He announceS Apolo crews as he enters the arena before cutting to a add break.


come back from break and Elias is in control over Crews doing a vicious beat down. working the left arm. The crowd is completely dead for this, the noise from before has totally vanished. Elias hits his old school (walking with Elias).

Crews fights back hitting his trademark dropkick and standing moonsault for a 2 count.

Elias tries to get away but then Crews gets him back and hits a moonsault from the apron.

Crews hitting hard hands to Elias till he pulls him down on the middle rope then hits him with the drift away for the 3 count.



Elias keeps his winning ways on Raw with this over Crews, however a win over Crews again is not really setting the world alight and not going to give him a lot of momentum to go forward, unsure if they will carry this on but i think they need to move on.


Enzo comes out and starts talking again…….. I cant keep focus again for how long he talks nonsense for ages. He talks smack about eh cruiser weights and talks bout his clauses again to protect him, except Kalisto and moans bout fact he got attack by him even with his protection clause. He calls out GM Kurt Angle to settle it ASAP.

Kurt enters the ring to talk with Enzo, Enzo discusses the paperwork about the clause he has against the cruise weight division, asks why Kalisto gets a title shot after he attacked him, Angle explains the clause only works with superstars before the clause not new superstars, Enzo goes on a rant saying he needs respect.

Enzo gets Angle mad and then makes a title match for him against Kalisto for tonight.

Enzo asks he will only defend it if its main event tonight. No answer but looks official, Before Angle leave he adds that it will be a lumberjack match.


Not much to say bout this its Enzo doing same as always and its really getting old, this putting the division on the map thing is still trying to find its feet, however the match made will make Raw finish with a cruiser weight match so that will be interesting.


Match starts off very one sided everything mat tries fails as Stroman is over powering him going into and out of the advert break.

Mat shows a little sign of fight back against Stroman using his speed to his advantage, massive tornado DDT on Stroman and hits a twist of fate with a kick out at 1 from the monster, he goes for another one reversed then hit with 2 choke slams and a running power slam for the 3 count.



Another successful match for Stroman showing off his power and carries on being the dominant force on raw.

Before leaving he carries on the assault to hardy by taking him out to the floor and starts carrying him out of the arena.

At the top of the ramp THE SHIELD APPEAR! To stop Stroman carrying out hardy. Massive stare down but no one is backing down as Stroman attacks reigns as all 3 members start a beat down and a spear from reigns. Stroman starts moving but no good as all 3 keep on the attack. They all look over to the announce table and start ripping it apart. The triple bomb and Stroman is slayed by the hounds of justice. (Nice new Shield shirts BTW)

After a ad break we have a quick chat with the shield backstage and they proclaim there the 3 work horses of the WWE now.

Mickie James promo

Mickie enters the ring to address the crowd, talks about how hard is been fitting back into WWE and could it be her age, says its Alexia blisses fault she feels like this but no more jokes or pranks any more, says Bliss is cowardly and does things behind her back and hides behind Nia. Says she needs to grow up and face a real woman and will be a 7 time WWE womenS champ.

Que Bliss, comes to the stage and says sorry for what she done to her over the weeks, and says made a video showing Mickies career for the younger fans who don’t know who she is.

Video in black and white showing old footage saying how old she is plays. Short sweet and too the point.

Says she is a grandma and get to sleep before TLC.

New chant in biscuit but for Alexia bliss.

Bliss refuses to enter ring for fight James goes after drags her in ring for a quick beat down and bliss runs away.


Short and sweet segment, both women showing there very good on mics again, Bliss still being shown as a little weak as a champ but plays into fact there may be no title change at TLC, these two work well together so lets see what next week brings.

Back stage after a promo for askua, Bayley, Sasha, Aleshia fox, Dana Brooke and Emma all want Asuka at TLC for her debut match. Kurt sets up a fatal 5 way match to determine this.


Cruiser weight action now in a tag team match. This match is very simple action you would expect from the division. Everyone gets there moves in back and forth. Brian hits the slice bread number 2 on Ali for the 3 count.

WINNER – Jack Gallagher and Brian Kendrick


Yet again a match with little story on main roster gets rough 4 mins, not a lot going just showing how wasted some these guys are on the company, this should have been left for 205 live for a little longer and more time. Even the commentators moved on quicker to the next segment faster then anything, not good booking for the lower card of the division at all.

Backstage Miz and Angle talking, Miz said the shield want to take on the world so added another partner to his team for TLC, Enters Braun Stroman making this a 4 on 3 handicap TLC match……. this is going to get very messy!

Is sister abigal alive??

Segment announced as is Abigail alive? Balor enters the arena in ring gear towards the ring, and welcomes everyone to Balor club, goes on to talk a bout last week and the introduction to sister abigal, and goes on to say he ain’t got a clue what to think bout wyatt and says he is a virus and don’t believe his mind games anymore and nothing but seeking attention and talk rubbish all the time. Balor say he and the demon not afraid of him or sis Abigail.

Wyatt cut to a wyatt in a chair, says you should be afraid  of her and she was young when she was taken away, she chose him and they will strike fear. Bray turns his face into the weird face again and talks bout bray like its a different person, this could be Sister Abigail? calls bray her prince, this is all very strange and weird, she says Balor will pay for what he done. Says Balor cannot beat her, tells Balor to run and turns back into Bray and laughs to end.


No idea how to take this, it looks like Sister Abigail is Bray wyatt in makeup? talking as different person in paint and a veal, its al very confusing and no answers to give, very supernatural route to go down in the modern era but lets see how this plays out.



This match lasted alot longer then i fought, all the little fueds playing out between all the ladies, some parts are very sloppy not alot really thought out, just make sure everyone gets there part in till Bayley and Brooke are eliminated. The climax of the match sahsa has Foxy in the bank statement and taps out for the elimination, straight away Emma comes in rolls up Sasha for 3 count and takes the match and the chance to face Asuka.


Not much to say it was just your average 5 way match to get every ones bits in there has been alot of these on both brands and it feels like some weeks they got no ides what to do with the womans division. Will properly remember this match in long run but the Emma Asuka match at takeover was very good and will be a nice addition to TLC.

Backstage interview with Rene and Balor, see the reaction of what happened, he says Bray has released something evil and he is scared and don’t know what to expect and now he knows what he HAS to do now.


Another backstage interview with Kalisto, asking for feelings on the match tonight and he talks bout his inspirations and heroes to get to WWE and how he should stop Enzo as he is a slap to the face. A lot of Rey Mysterio and Eddie Gurrero mentioned…… nice attempt at cheap pops.

Cruiser weight championship match


The lumberjacks all come out to there own music and surround the ring,

Enzo takes a slow advantage to start working the headlock alot, Showing abit of power and Kalisto shows speed as Enzo tries get breather but the Jacks stop him and get him back in.

Kalisto got the crowd behind with some Lucha chants which is nice and seems to be getting on the offensive into the advert break.

Coming back Enzo is control using his power advantage and brawling style over the former lucha dragon.

Kalisto using some aerial offence till Enzo pulls Kalisto into the bottom turnbuckle, looked nasty.

Tpically heel lumberjacks stomp on kalisto, and Enzo carries on assault and a close 2 count.

This match is doing the job very well at the moment, Enzo comes in not being known as a flyer doing beat downs etc with Kalisto trying to fight back. Kalisto is getting good crowd reaction in this match too so its a winner winner.

Enzo takes a swipe at Mustafa and this starts the typical Lumberjack brawl between faces and heels, Kalisto take advantage on Enzo and hits a superplex to the outside into the brawl taking everyone out. Nice spot and got the crowd going well.

Kalisto goes for the Salida del Sol but reversed and Enzo hits the JawdonZo and Mustafa Ali stops the count. Enzo hits Ali with a brutal clothesline and stops Kalisto on the top rope and joins him on there, Kalisto fights back and hits a Salida del Sol  from the top rope for the 3 count



Ok ill admit it…. i didn’t expect much from this match at all, however the story of Enzo heel-ish beat down and not flying around worked a lot and the title change was perfect, Kalisto will be a good champion and i hope he holds on till it and a re match will be on the cards.

Final Thoughts


This was a good episode not great with the two throw away matches and the super weird Sister Abigail moment however the Shield and Miz the bar and Stroman feud works and set up a awesome match the Cruiserweight title match was very well worked and the match of the night. A lot to answer next week and where the story’s go but a solid good night of Raw.

Thank you for reading Im Paul K and see you soon!








Hell In The Cell 2017 Review


What we just see!!!

Hell in the cell is officially in the books.. hard hitting plenty of spots and suprised for the world to see.

I am Paul and I’m going to break this pay per view down


Smackdown Live tag team championships

The New Day (c) vs The Usos

The match that has been billed to end the long rivalry, one last time The New Day vs the Usos, what other way could this end other then inside the famous steel structure.

The new day enter the arena to the usual same pop and all three enter the cell and cut the promo before the match, great reaction for the powerhouse stable as normal. Yet again The New Day prove again they are superb on the mic and get the crowd pumped for this match. Extra nice touch wit big E bout to end with there classic “New day rocks” then went out on a serious note ending with the “New day apocalypses”

The usos enter the ring then we learn that it will be Big E and Xavier woods who will compete in this match.

Nicely start off with the stare down and let the crowd a chance to soak in this match, both teams not messing around and set the tone of the match from the start with kendo sticks chains and chairs.

New day start off with a small advantage to start with a lovely wheelbarrow fist drop with Xavier with the chain wrapped around the hand, didn’t take long at all to show how this match is going to play out. Big E attempts his signature spear off the apron and fails and crashes to the outside, quickly followed by a successful dropkick by Xavier to Jey Usos, not long then Jimmy joins in with a dive and both go crashing into cell and hitting the floor.

2nd attempt by Big E for the spear successful hits very hard against the cell wall! the cell wall buckles and visible damaged! this is only the first few minutes of the match the crowd is already showing there appreciation for these 4 men.

Now we see Woods play time, Big E hands him many weapons to take it to Jey Uso, 2 trombones, a cowbell and a gong as assault, Woods showing this fun and aggressive side we don’t usually see that often.

Woods calls for the up up down down only to be stopped by Jimmy with a flying chair to the face. These teams showing straight away there willing to put on the match of the night again!

A lot more fun with kendo sticks at the expense of big E, more heavy hitting spots keep coming, including a horrible hip attack to woods against the cell wall leaving him glazed eyed sitting in pain. The pacing of this match is going perfect, both teams dishing it out and taking it.

Next big spot as Big E groggy on the apron with one of the Usos and performing a side slam into a back stabber from woods on the outside of the ring, looks painful and both guys hitting hard!

New Day hit the up up down down to a broken up pin attempt (gives the impression we might see a lot of these in this match up)

Woods goes under the ring and reveals half a dozen kendo sticks, after hitting Jey Uso they trap him in the corner of the ring with the kendo sticks in a spot i cant recall seeing before, trapping him to leave the match in a 2 on 1 situation. Woods and E set up jimmy on the steps with Woods heading to the top rope and ascending to the steel ring post, however broken up by Jey uso escaping the kendo prison.

Next big spot coming up, as big E set up in a electric chair position with a Uso diving to the outside crashing into the cell wall, big E hitting very hard back of the head. This match is living up to all the hype original great spots and hard hitting action!

Double Uso splash with a kick out from Big E, both Usos stunned at this. Usos bring out to reveal handcuffs and handcuff E to the bottom rope and handcuff woods to the steel post hanging by the writs outside the ring. This spot of the match is painful to watch and much respect to Woods taking many open body shots from a kendo stick.

Big E broken free and gets pumped up and fights back and hits on the usos with a lifting slam to the side off the cell, then hitting it again but going through the other usos. Straps down from E is the end coming? Big ending hit but only a 2 count from the ref. bit of a botch super kick from jey uso but E taken out with many more that hit the spot, double splash again but E saved by woods.

Another 2 on 1 assault two woods who is handcuffed, he pumps up and fights back however the numbers game and more kendo assault falls to him. A chair placed on Woods and a double splash seals the fate and gets the 3 count


This match lived up to the hype and a lot more, there was big spots a little fun and everything ran smoothly for this with only one tiny botched super kick but that was about it. These two teams showed again that tag team wrestling done right is amazing to watch and when you get chemistry like these teams do then magic happens.


Rusev vs Randy Orton

Rematch from summerslam next and Rusev trying to make another glorious Rusev day.

Both men get decent pops for this match and properly hoping for a longer match then the summerslam match.

usual feeling out process as Rusev showing off power early and blocking a early RKO attempt, nearly a repeat from summerslam lol.

Rusev goes on the attacking aggressive front straight away showing dominance, randy gets so offence in showing a lot of back and forward between the two superstars. Randy takes a bump into the barriacade and takes a falloway slam on the outside of the ring setting up rusevs continued offence on the viper.

Usual offence work from both men the crowd does stay with it but do seem a tiny bit tired after the last match.

Come back from Orton blocking punches and throwing them back to try build momentum, another blocked RKO into a vintage Orton power slam with a 2 count from the ref.

Big side kick side to the side of the head from Rusev with a 2 count, he calls for the accolade but Orton gets out the ring for a escape, Rusev keeps up the attack with a big super kick to the outside. 2nd rope splash from Rusev missed both men down.

Orton takes control with the leverage DDT, Ortons call for the RKO and out of no where rusev reveres into the accolade then OUT OF NOWHERE orton hits a brutal RKO For the 3 count

WINNER Randy Orton

This match delivered what i expected from these two workers, both tell a easy story of power and speed, they do work well together but parts of the match do seem not to go that smooth, very good showing for both but nothing really special and properly see these two go at it again very soon



AJ Styles (c) vs Tye Dillinger vs Baron Corbin 

After Dillinger win over Corbin on smackdown live and a chat to Daniel Bryan this match is now a triple threat.

Aj showing again he is easily one of WWES over men with the crowd going wild during entrance

Early on Styles and Dillinger showing there willing to team up of Corbin and assault very early on the lone wolf, still great chants of “wheres your briefcase” still going on. Corbin gets knocked out of the ring leaving Dillinger and styles for a great few quick pin fall combinations both showing there great in ring skill.

Both guys going back and forward till Corbin drags styles out ring and takes to ring to attack Dillinger till he knocked out the ring, styles tries to take on Corbin but fails, showing great dominance from Corbin in this match. Styles showing great selling for Corbin being used as a rag doll making the lone wolf look even more powerful.

Stunning combination really showing the athleticnes of styles and Dillinger and the power of Corbin, however Corbin still in control dominating Dillinger. Also Styles gets a nasty bump into the barricade.

Dillinger gets on the offensive however selling the lower back as Corbin takes control again. These men so far showing a great work rate and doing a good job getting Corbin over as a power house. However this can slow the match right down a bit to much at times however not a lot but some points feel really dragged, when you got styles and Dillinger i was expecting more quick sequences.

Corbin gets a near fall on Dillinger and then takes focus to styles however he gets on the offensive and breaks out a lot of attack to take the big man down. A failed styles clash attempt to Corbin and Styles takes him out the ring leaving the two smaller men in the ring, Dillinger gets pumped with offence and gets the crowd right behind him with ten chants in the air.

Dillinger getting some close 3 falls on styles, styles attempts 2 clashes on Dillinger and fails both but counters into the calf crusher, Corbin drags Dillinger out the ring to save the match, followed up by a phenomenal forearm to Corbin to the outside, this is being shown to be anybody’s match at this moment.

Styles gets pushed into steel post on the outside with Dillinger and Corbin going back and forward in ring till Corbin hits deep 6 on him, Styles comes too and goes for the phenomenal forearm but caught and hit by a choke slam from Corbin.

Corbin left standing looking over the other two, who is this match going too? All three men hit offence really quick all hitting hard with the end result with Styles hitting pele kick on Dillinger landing on a knocked out Corbin for a 2 count, great sequence really smooth showing all men in great lights.

styles hits the springboard 450 splash on Corbin but broken up by Dillinger, who is now getting pumped up again for a 2nd wind offence on Styles.

Styles hits the forearm on Dillinger leaving him out cold in the ring however Corbin breaks up the pin attempt and kicks Styles out the ring for a stolen 3 count

WINNER- Baron Corbin New United states champion 


This match wasn’t perfect but did its job really well, no one looked weak everyone hit offence great and got there stuff in, bit slow in places but no much to complain, Aj Styles yet again showing how good he is and passing on a lot of wisdom onto dillinger, bit odd putting the belt on Corbin as he has not been booked strong but this maybe what he needs to make him a powerful middle card player.

So far this ppv is showing very strong.


Natalyia (c) vs Charlotte Flair 

These two have had a big history together in the WWE as they go into this match. Two top women for there division showing they can properly lead it from strength to strength.

Charlotte taking early advantage with early pin attempt showing she not missed a beat on the big stage. Bit of a miss step with a roll up attempt from Charlotte however saved by Nattie.

Nattie taking control work on Charlotte’s leg knee and leg, working it a lot obviously building up for the sharpshooter later on. Very slow paced working on it keeping nattie shown as a great technician in the ring.

Charlotte after getting worked on shows some sign of life in her looking like she going to work on the ankle, however very short lived as Nattie starts on it again with the slow beat down of Charlotte.

Sharpshooter attempt failed as Charlotte breaks away to try get some momentum on the champion, however the leg is being sold hard as Charlotte is hobbling around the ring during her attack.

Charlotte goes to the top rope maybe going for a moonsault is stopped and reversed into a massive power bomb from Nattie for a 2 count.

Nattie showing signs of frustration that lead to a sneaky pin attempt from Charlotte that shows a aggressive side from Nattie in her.

Charlotte gets advantage trys for a figure 4 but gets easily knocked out ring, Nattie follows and then pushes Charlotte into the ring steps with her knee getting hit and being sold really painful.

Nattie places Charlotte into the ring and slaps the sharpshooter for a good few mins, Charlotte reverses by throwing Nattie into the bottom turnbuckle to break out of it. Charlotte goes to the top rope again but Nattie has time to get out ring to stop this.

Nattie knocked down outside the ring as Charlotte hits a moonsault to Nattie to the outside of the ring but seems to have done more damage to her knee in the process.

After a bit off a scuffle Nattie swings a chair into the knee Of Charlotte for the DQ to retain the title.

WINNER BY DQ- Charlotte Flair 


Yet again these two showing a sold outing and how good they can work together, a lot slower compared to there past matches, Nattie shown strong working the knee and Charlotte showing spirit through out,  but yet again WWE having a non clean finish dose nothing for there woman’s champion, a clean win shows she is dominant and a worthy champion, defiantly not the last time we shall see these two on PPV.

Just in enough time for the fashion files segment to the joy of the crowd.

Yet again a very funny segment proving these two have so much to offer the company, this is not the end as this will continue with a new case on Smackdown Live


JINDER MAHAL (C) With the Singh Brothers VS Shinusuke Nakamura 

I have a lot off  issues with this, firstly the match not being a hell in the cell match? its the brands top prize and not having it in the shows themed match doesn’t really sit with me, also this is not even the co main event of the night really shows how much WWE think about this and not really going to sell the idea of Jinder as the guy in WWE

Very slow feeling out process with both men trying to get advantage. No one really going on the offensive early on.

Nakamura taunting Jinder delivers some hard hitting knees to the champ.

Nakamura does this better then anybody else perfect blend of strong style and charisma.

Jinder takes cheap shot running Nakamura into the post and running into the barricade and now taking control beating down the king of strong style. Very basic beat down and holding him down.

Nakamura fights back with his hard hitting kicks puts Jinder on the back foot as he counties his normal offence of knees and elbows.

Singhs try get involved to get welcomed by the knees of the challenge but Jinder gains control again.

This match is following a similar pattern and story to there past matches, Jinder goes for the Khallas but reverses for a pin attempt for a close 2 count.

Nakmura goes for the kinsha but the Singhs distract and try help Jinder with the ref seeing what they are doing, after the 2nd attempt of this the ref ejects them to the back.

Nakamura hits the KINSHA!! however with the ref on the outside gives the champ gets enough time to tell where he is for a rope break. Jinder trys and fails to get through crowd, Jinder hits the Khallas after a failed Kinsha for the 3 fall and Jinder gets the win to retain the title



This match was very similar to past matches, very slow and shows Jinders lack of move-set and Nakamuras limits on what he can do with his strong style, does nothing for either superstar, Jinder is still hated and seen as a weak champion and the form NXT powerhouse cant get the job done.

Bobby Roode vs Dolph Ziggler

Bobby Roodes PPV debut now, gets welcomed by a loud crowed loving his glorious entrance. Dolph doing something really smart having his music stop and entering to no music or titan tron or fanfare at all to play along with his gimmick at the moment.

Ziggler quick out the gate trying to prove he is the best in ring performer in WWE, both men showing both very capable in the squared circle, just time for a quick taunt from the glorious one.

Ziggler tries get aggressive on roode but dose not take control as Roode takes back control easily. Everything Ziggler tries Roode has a answer for it at this part of the match.

Ziggler take cheap shot with pulling his throat against the top rope and takes control, a smattering of CM punk chants in 2017?? wow really still?? lol

Ziggler showing a great arrogance and straight forward controlled wrestling keeping control and not making any mistakes, nothing flash just stuff that works.

Ziggler hits a sleeper and Roode starts going down, the crowd literally dies at this moment with hardly any response or trying to get Roode back into the match. The momentum has been killed dead the crowd are not really playing into this match. Roode breaks out and starts fighting back.

Roode hitting his big moves like the blockbuster from the top rope, the crowd has no life in them at the moment and it effecting the feel off the match.

Roode goes for the glorious DDT but it gets reversed and Ziggler hits him with his snap DDT for a close 2 count. Failed zig zag back into a sleeper hold. Roode breacks out but gets hit into a fame asser.

Ziggler with a evil look starts tuning up the band waiting to hit sweet chin music but fails gets hit but a spine buster, Ziggler fails a zig zag and both try quick roll ups till Roode gets a handful of tights for the win.

WINNER- Bobby Roode 


Straight after bell Ziggler hits him with a Zig Zag and leaves leaving this feud open to continue. This match never really got started, not sure if placed wrong on card but the crowd didn’t by this match, properly cause it was only booked a week ago and not enough time to build any story, defiantly a lot of talent there just need to bring it out in future and show off two of the best workers WWE have got at the moment.



This match has had me interested, mainly due fact Owens is a great heel and worker and no one ever knows what Shane will do, the promo in this match has been done really well and shows this build up great.

Match up starts up with Kevin Owens on the back foot, even trying to keep Shane out the cell till Shane can fight his way in.

The beginning of this match sets the tone, a lot of brawling done by Shane. Shane is doing some wrestling and showing he can go but not a lot of it.

Owens takes control early using cell a lot to punish Shane, even by his kids showing he should be the one they admire. A lot of back and forward brawl with Owens showing he is the ring master KO hit a cannon ball for a 2 count, he ascends to the top rope for a senton but Shane got the knees up hurting both off them.

Shane sets up for the shooting star press but misses and KO hits with the bullfrog splash for a 2 count. Owens getting very frustrated.

KO goes for a pop up power bomb but a great reversal into a arm bar by Shane, the two end up to the outside with the arm bar changed into a triangle choke, KO reverses and power bombs him onto the steps.

KO doing great taunt work shouting at Shane showing he knows this business so well. KO carries on the assault on the outside to when a table is revealed by Owens, the crowd loves this, It is set up by Owens propped up on a slope on the cell wall. Owens lays Shane up on it going for a senton from the apron, Shane moves and Owens goes CRASHING through the table! Shane gets a cover for a 2 count.

Shane takes half the broken table and starts swinging away at Owens. OOOO there is a trash can appearing, i believe we all know what is going to happen. COAST 2 COAST hit hard on Owens. 2 count with a rope break from Owens.

Shane looks up the heavens, i think we all know again whats going to happen, after a struggling attempt with some bolt cutters he opens the cell door and there free to go out off the cell.

Owens hits a big DDT on the ramp and takes control on the outside, he beats and drags Shane to the announce table, Owens jumps on the barricade and then looks up to the cell and climbs up to the top off the cell! he stands at the top and teases he going to drop down but hesitates and shows he is scared at the top, giving Shane time to get together and join Owen on the top of the cell.

The next few minutes i could not believe what i was watching, back body drops and suplexs and even a pop up power bomb on the top of the cell! how they didn’t fall throw is incredible, this is pure entertainment and easily some the best work WWE done in a long time. After a while of brawling both men start climbing down to from the roof (the crowd boos….. i couldn’t believe it myself but booing????) Both men hit each other till Shane gets advantage and Owens falls 10 feet from the cell into the announce table. That bump looked nasty.

This was not enough for Shane as he set up owens on the other annouce table and scaled the hell again to put the finishing touches to Owens.

He falls but someone helps Owens move?? ITS SAMI ZAYN?? Owens worst enemy helping him? I don’t care what anyone says no one saw that coming, even that he drags Owens over shane for the 3 count

Winner- Kevin Owens 


This match did what it said on the tin, made Shane spots, Owens showing he can bump, but with a great twist of the ending with Sami, where do we go from here? so many questions to be answered by this match. Both men genuinely look like they been through hell.




This show was a breath of fresh air, the highs were incredible, the tag team match was the show stopper closely by the main event and the triple threat, the lows of the world title and maybe Ziggler and Roode as well not being received well however this show is a massive step in the right direction compared to other shows WWE have done.

Well done and thanks for reading

Paul K