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Lucha Underground – 27/7/17 review.

Hello ladies and gentlemen and welcome to this weeks Lucha Underground review, as always I am the Viking Bastard here for Indie Wrestling Pod, let’s get straight into it as the Cueto Cup rolls on and we also have a huge main event.

We start with a recap of the Cup and the feuds between Drago and Aerostar,  Rey Mysterio and Johnny Mundo and Son of Havoc vs Son of Madness, I thought this was a good way to explain the big feuds and goings on for people that might have missed a few episodes. Striker and Vampiro introduce us to the show and off we go.

Match 1: The Mack vs Texano.

Texano has his own fan section a la Cesaro in the WWE. They start with a handshake which I like to see. Chain wrestling and both men trade shoulder blocks,  a nice display of athleticism ending in a lovely armdrag from the Mack. Both men trade pins and have a standoff. Another handshake and off we go again. The Mack runs off the ropes and hits a massive dropkick sending Texano to the outside and follows it up with a huge dive to the outside. Mack keeps control working on Texano’s back with knees and a huge dropkick for a two count. Mack hits a series of stinging chops in the corner but Texano reverses Mack with an elbow and a crossbody from the corner for two. Texano hits some chops of his own but his attempt at a springboard is met with a uppercut but Mack is dragged out of the ring, he reverses and hits a sick backbreaker on the outside. Texano gets in the ring at 8 but the referee breaks the count to allow the match to continue. Texano’s lariat attempt is countered with a t-bone suplex followed by a belly to belly for another near fall. Famous B gets in the ring and hits Mack with a water pistol, Mack hits B with a stunner but eats a powerbomb from Texano for the win and the advancement to the finals. This was a good match until the end, wasn’t a big fan of the interference to end it but ah well, Texano moves to the quarter finals 3/5.

We then get a video in a biker bar with Son of Madness and Son of Havoc. Madness wants Havoc to rejoin the biker gang but he refuses saying he left for a reason. Madness leaves and Havoc smashes a glass off of the wall.

Next is a weird promo for the Rabbit Tribe and Mascarita Sagrada, Sagrada leaves them a present that they rip into and London laughs like a maniac.  What the fuck was this?

Match 2: Drago (With Kobra Moon) vs Pentagon Dark.

This is a first time ever match. Both men take time to size each other up before beginning with a nice bit of chain wrestling. Both men hit quick pins and have a standoff, crowd are firmly behind Pentagon who takes Drago to the mat with a huge kick. Pentagon goes to the floor and Drago follows him out with a huge twisting plancha and tosses Dark into the chain wall. Both men enter the ring again and the crowd come alive with the Cero Miedo chants. Pentagon reverses Drago and hits a huge lariat into the corner followed by a massive corner belly to belly for a two. Drago hits a standing Frankensteiner but only gets a two. We see that Drago’s right arm is taped as Pentagon takes him down with a dropkick to the stomach but only garners a two count. Kobra Moon begins to shout orders at Drago. Dark goes for the Pentagon Driver but Drago reverses it with an armdrag and hits a blockbuster but again is unable to put Pentagon away. Drago springs off the rope but gets caught and hit with a nasty No Fear Driver for two. Pentagon hits a nasty sounding chop in the corner but gets caught and hit with a arm trapped DDT for another two. Drago seats Pentagon up top and hits a super Frankensteiner followed by a big splash but again Pentagon kicks out. Pentagon hits a Canadian Destroyer by jumping off of the second rope onto Drago but can’t keep him down for three. Pentagon then hits the Fear Factor Package Piledriver and finally gets the win to move on to the quarter finals. After the match Pentagon goes for the arm breaker on Drago but is distracted by Moon who he nails with an incredible superkick. Aerostar saves Drago but is attacked and planted by Drago and gets his arm broken by Pentagon.  This match ruled, pure Lucha action from two veterans of the sport, I enjoyed every minute of it. Really enjoyed the chaotic afters to. 4/5.

Then we see Katrina and Pentagon, Katrina says that Pentagon took something from Mil Muertes and if Pentagon advances Mil will be waiting to end him.

Main Event: PJ Black vs Rey Mysterio Jr.

This is Rey’s first match back from injury following Ultima Lucha. Both men start off quick with exchanges and fast pins followed by a standoff. Rey sends PJ to the outside but dodges Rey’s dive and catches him in a Torture Rack and dumps him on the floor. PJ hits a top rope punch but only gets a two. He then locks Rey in a double chickenwing submission working on Rey’s shoulders but Rey fights out. PJ blocks the 619 and hits a sick superkick for two. Rey counters PJ with a big dropkick as the crowd come alive for Mysterio. Both men exchange strikes on their knees, fighting back to a standing position and using kicks. Black takes advantage but decides to taunt, Rey takes advantage with kicks and dumps PJ to the floor following him with a splash. Rey hits the West Coast Pop and a dropkick for another two. Rey hits a tilt a whirl headscissors to the corner but PJ catches him on the top and hangs his leg in the turnbuckle followed by a kick to the knee but Rey gets out at 1. PJ takes Rey down and goes to the top. Rey gets up and crotches Black followed by an attempted Frankensteiner that PJ reverses into a Styles Clash for two. PJ gives the crowd the double middle finger but Rey hits a spinning DDT inadvertently taking out Marty Elias. Johnny Mundo enters the ring and attacks Rey. Mundo and Black lift Rey for a suplex and Jack Evans hits a combination superkick. Dragon Azteca comes out and chases down Mundo but is pulled from the ring by Taya. Mundo places PJ over Rey but Rey kicks out after a long 2. The crowd chant “this is awesome” as Black tries the Razor’s Edge but is reversed and Rey hits the 619 and a Frog Splash for the win. This match started off pretty slow but once it got going it was really good. I liked how all the parties and allies got involved. Rey really had to fight to win and he is still awesome. 4.5/5.

Afterwards Rey cuts a Spanglish promo on Mundo saying that he can’t run all the time and in 4 weeks Rey will see him in the ring and make history with his people when he becomes champion. He says Mundo will be leaving with a 619 and celebrates with the fans.

So that’s it for another week of Lucha action, overall it was another good episode with an incredibly good main event, I can’t wait for next week and the final semi-final match in the Cueto Cup. My overall rating for this show would be 7.5/10.

I have been the Viking Bastard this has been the Lucha Underground review for IWP and I shall see you in the Temple next week.



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