Pro Wrestling Ulster

PWU: Diesel Power


Pro Wrestling Ulster produced probably their best show yet at S13 on Saturday 18th November. However one thing that will live long in memory is the heat that Kevin Nash brought with him to the freezing Furnace. The newly improved Furnace was superb, with a bar, merch stand oh and did i mention the big sexy screen?


After what felt like hours of waiting from the 4.30 vip slot to the start of the show, we were finally set to go, with the tune of sweet caroline serenading everyone outcome Wreck It Rodgers. Rodgers called out Luther Valentine and he wanted his Turd returned.

Luther Valentine def. Wreck It Rodgers


Flash Morgan Webster and Justy put on one hell of a match with plenty of spots and comedic value, as well as some outstanding wrestling.

Flash Morgan Webster def. Justy


Kevin Nash makes his debut appearance at PWU and makes his way down the ramp and into the ring, everyone makes their way to the rails with plenty of “thank you Nash” and “too sweet” chants. Kevin Nash announced that the Blitz match will now be a 20 man match rather than a 15 superstar event. There was always going to be someone to interfere, and here they come, The Rocky Starr Experience. Rocky and Kano had been aggressive towards Nash as they had no match nor were they granted their rematch against New School. LJ and Nathan Martin made their way to the ring and the match was made official whilst Kevin Nash sat and watched from the ramp.

LJ Cleary and Nathan Martin def. The Rocky Starr Experience


The most anticipated match of the night was announced to be next, Joseph Conners and Tucker. The two WWEUK superstars were set to go at it, and they didn’t let us down. They had a well paced match whilst strong hitting maneuvers. The crowd were on their feet throughout whilst chanting for Tucker.

Tucker def. Joseph Conners


Up next was the monstrous JDP versus CTB 3, this was a match that went a little under the radar, which it shouldn’t have. The two completely different wrestlers went at it. Countless times CTB attempted to fully lock in the armbar only for it to be broken via a rope break or countered by JDP. JDP went on to hit some hard hitting attacks and went on to win via a dirty pin using the ropes to help.

JDP def. CTB 3


Lauren La Roux and Raven Creed was the next match, however before the match could start PWU womens champion Katey Harvey and Valkyrie would come on down to the ring and for once Katey would give PWU praise for being the first company on the island to have a women’s champion, but it wasn’t that good as it all went south from there. Kevin Nash would come out and make the match a triple threat for the #1 contendership on the line, including Valkyrie in the match all to the disappointment to Katey Harvey.

The match didn’t let down and for the most part could have been match of the night with all three competitors impressing inside and out of the ring.

Lauren La Roux def. Valkyrie and Raven Creed


The next match was for the All Ulster Championship, including 6 fine talents. Phil Boyd would be defending his title against Tim Steed, Nathan Byrne, Michael May, and Crawford. So you’re probably thinking that’s only four challengers? Well Kano had teamed up with Rocky Starr and therefor was out of this match, however Terry Thompson would come out to let everyone know he had the fifth and final competitor, none other than The Bandit.

Phil Boyd def. Tim Steed, Nathan Byrne, Crawford, Michael May, The Bandit


And now we’ve reached the climax of the show, the main event. Dick Templeton versus former tag team partner Sanchez. This was for the PWU championship, however the belt was left in a garbage can due to Dick not thinking the belt represented him in any way. Going forward this match was personal, plenty of hard hitting strikes as well as some foul play from Dick Templeton the match would reach its final standpoint by DQ. Dick had opened a packet of powder and throw it into the eyes of Sanchez and then go on to hit him with a low blow. After the match both Tommy the Referee and Sanchez hit stunners on Dick as well as a chair being thrown at him.

Sanchez def. Dick Templeton (Dick retains due to DQ)


Everyone went home happy with the announcement that heaters would be bought in for the next show.

Richard McCarthy


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