2018 Predictions??

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Hi Paul here with my latest,

2017 is rapidly coming to a end and what a year it has been, a lot of surprises great matches and a lot of memories.

However im going to talk about 5 things i believe will come around in 2018! lets have a look.


  1. Bye Bye Cruiserweight division 

Firstly, this is not a bashing of the talent that is sat in this division at all, if you ranked the whole roster on pure wrestling talent alone most the division would be above a lot of the main roster, Cedrick alexander, the brian kendrick, rich swann etc are busting there butts trying to put on great matches, however if people afre dennying there are alot of problems with this division then there not being truly honest with themselfs. Being thrown into multi man matches and short matches and Enzo being the only person they seem to try and push and failing to give his success to anyone else. I believe it is only amount of time till wwe pull the plug on this. WWE are cutting costs with superstars and shows on the network, running the show and extra contracts being spent on this venture will save the company. I don’t think its impossible to save it but plans to save it need to happen ASAP.


Pete Dunne

2. The British are coming!

This might seem like a no brainer but i truly 2018 is the year for the stars of the UK, not just with there appearances on NXT but with a main roster appearance as well the UK stars have grabbed the attention of the WWE very well. With a match of the year candidate with Pete Dunn vs Tyler Bate at takeover getting a amazing response, it would be silly not to try and make something of it. I don’t believe there will be a show because i think it would have happened by now , i think the rare appearances will be on the up a lot over in nxt and more stars getting chances to show why the UK has some of the best stars in the world right now.

nia jax



Ill be the first to admit when Miss Jax arrived on main roster i didn’t think she made the biggest impression, the female Braun stroman recently at PPV matches has shown she has the skill in the ring to go the distances in matches and work hard. The superstar has been getting a lot of better reactions from the crowd and there is no better time then now to give here a few runs at the title or at least big PPV matches. By the end of 2018 i believe she will be or have been a women’s champion.


4. A Proper draft

The brand split has been i full force for a long time, in that time we have had a “Superstar shakeup” where no one really understood what was going on really, superstars jumped seemingly on there own then there was GM negotiations etc, having a proper draft creates a sense of excitement in the air and lets the audience experience a great show of superstars they may not of seen for a while, also gives chances for new feuds and lower card superstars a push to show what they are made off.

new day

5. The end of the NEW DAY!

There has not been a force like the New day in WWE for such a long time, from selling merch to hilarious promos and even giving match of the night performances, the trio of Woods, E and Kingston have proven that they are in the leagues of Legendary stables. Good things do have to come to a end, it all depends if you want to try and keep it going and end it on a dead note or try and go out on a high and finish it for the effect. Things that stables should do is make stars, right in this group are three men that there is no reason why you shouldn’t have 3 main eventers, all can hold the audience in there hands with the mic and the skills with the skills in the ring. I love new day and always find them entertaining but is it time to try make some new single stars. Me personally see Big E as a main player in the main event scene in the future and also Woods and Kingston can be still just as important.

What do you think of my points?

What do you think 2018 will bring in wwe

Please comment your opinions and have a great day


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