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Welcome to Indie Wrestling Podcast, we are a team based mostly in Ireland & Northern Ireland hoping to branch out to England providing content about the news on Mainstream wrestling and our local wrestling independent scene.

We started up in early 2017 where a group of wrestling fans decided to come together to do something we all shared a passion for. Nick (our boss), came to us and pitched this plan were we would all come together to use our skills in Writing, Advertising and Design to provide a lot of content not just for our local community but to other local communities outside Northern Ireland and Ireland. Ever since we started we have grown stronger taking on new members to the team to help us provide more and more content for everyone to read and to enjoy.

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We encourage a lot of our readers and followers to not just watch mainstream wrestling but to support your local wrestling hence why we use “#Supportyourlocal” as we believe that talent is everywhere around us but we are not very adventurous human beings to go experience new wrestling as we are quite comfortable watching it from the safety of our homes.

So the next day you are out, make sure you check out your local wrestling community, try to get involved and be apart of something big as we guarantee you that you will enjoy every minute of it!

Indie Wrestling Podcast Team

Currently our team has a total of 8 members which we all play a role with in Indie Wrestling Podcast.