Ladies and Gentleman IWP Presents Q&A time with the one and only Alpha Female who just yesterday got announced to be competing in the WWE Mae Young Classic. 

Q.Has it been difficult making the transition from wrestling to MMA? 

A.Incredibly difficult to be honest. The training is so much different than what i was used to be the last 16 years. From the pain level not so much as wrestling is pretty painful, what people not really realise. 

I had to learn entirely new skills and have to train with man who are way more skilled than i am, which is frustrating as they made me tap out many times.

Q. Who has been your greatest challenge in wrestling to date? 

A. When i started in 2001 it was Wesna. She trained and worked with me at GWF. As i moved on i got many different obstacles on my way, the greatest challenge without a doubt was my time in japan.  Facing world class athletes like Nanae Takahashi, Io Shirai and Kairi Hojo

Q. Who would be your dream opponent in either wrestling or MMA?

A. For Wrestling i have so many from Victoria to Sascha Banks, charlotte to Ivelisse and so on. 

Q.You’ve fought all over the world, and travel alot is there anything that you do or take with you to stop yourself from missing home? 

A. The road is my home. I hate it if i can’t be on the road longer than 2 weeks. I never had a homesick feeling. Could never understand the people who had that.  I love every minute i can spend in different countries or hotel rooms. 

Q.You spent a little time in TNA now known as Impact Wrestling what was that like for you? 

It was a great experience. Everyone was so nice and professional. I enjoyed to work for a TV company which is much different than working for an independent wrestling company 

Q. Growing up did you always want to be a professional wrestler? and if so who was it you watched and thought yano what I wanna be just like them, I could do that. 

A. I found wrestling when i was 10 years old. I watched wcw and i knew from the beginning that in wanna be a part of this world. When i was 17 i decided i will be a part of it as a wrestler. 

Q. What would you like to have accomplished in 5 years time?

A. I want to make a good living with wrestling, be known in mainstream, sell a lot of tshirts and other merchandise, win more championship, have great matches and hopefully write more history within the wrestling world. Finish my book, play in movies and be on top of my game.

Q.You started training in 2001 under the wing of Joe E. Legend and Murat Bosporus tell us about how that was and how you felt

A. I started in the german wrestling Federation school and later joined the training of Bosporus and Legend.  I was fortunate to have these grest minds around me. They helped me to grow in wrestling and personal life.

Q. You’ve been successfull in various different promotions and have held a lot of gold in you career is there any championships that the Alpha Female has her eye on?

A. Championships are a nice accessories, but not necessary to be the greatest, the best! 

You can lose all fights, doesn’t matter, as long as you have this never giving up attitude and you are able to entertain the fans, put butts in seats, thats all that matters! 

I have my eyes on companies i really want to work for, time will tell.

Q. Lastly after a hard days training or night wrestling, You go home to relax, tell all your fans how does The Alpha Female relax?

How does alpha Female relax, thats a good question! There is little time to do so. After a match is before a match and after training is before training, meaning that there is so much to do. I do love sleep and when I have a off day i get back the sleep that was missing. Other than that, I’m a typical girl, love hot bath, candles and tea. 

Thank you for the interview. The interest in the alpha Female.  If you want to know more about me, check out my social media such as facebook, Instagram and Twitter

We here at Indie Wrestling Pod would like to thank The Alpha Female for giving us her time and wish her all the very best with the Mae Young Classic! 

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