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Are Impact Wrestling bringing back the TNA Heavyweight Championship??? 

According to the rumors impact wrestling will bring all impact wrestling’s titles back very soon, this would include the TNA Heavyweight Championship, so do you want to see this title back amongst others? It would certainly look better than those GFW ones.

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Rumour Mill: The Great Khali

As you’ve more than likely seen, The Great Khali made his return to WWE television this past Sunday on the Battleground PPV. As a result of the giants return, he helped Jinder Mahal retain the WWE Championship in the Punjabi Prison match. Khali stopped the challenger (Randy Orton) from escaping the outer cage.

Many rumours are floating around regarding The Great Khali and this stint within the WWE. However it seems that he’ll not be here for the long haul. Apparently, WWE aren’t too happy with the reaction regarding Jinder in India. Therefor they had Khali to side with him due to the respect that he hold in his native country. It seems that WWE have a lot of trust with Jinder with him beating Orton numerous times now and keeping the prestigious gold belt.

Only time will tell regarding both The Great Khali’s time in WWE and Jinders championship reign.


Richard McCarthy