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56 Thoughts I Had Watching The Latest Episode Of NXT

6th December 2017.
Full Sail Arena.

  1. Welcome along to the Andrade Cien Almas Championship Celebration!
  2. And yay Nigel McGuinness is back on commentary, thank god.
  3. D’aww listen to those “Sí!” chants.
  4. I’ve gotta say, his English isn’t as rusty as it used to be.
  5. Of course, he is just walking around the ring going “I AM DEE CHAMPIOOONN!”
  6. “He’s a handsome guy… that’s not me.” Amen to that, Lars Sullivan.
  7. Lars doesn’t have a family!
  8. Alright, so Killian Dain v Trent Seven in a Dad Bod-Off.
  9. I love the Irish flutes in Dain’s entrance theme.
  10. Uh oh, don’t grab his beard Trent, he won’t like that.
  11. Yeah, good luck trying to pick Dain up, Trent.
  12. Dain wins with the well established “keep senton bombing them until they’re squashed” technique.
  13. Wait, Ruby Riott? Where did that extra T suddenly appear from?
  14. I’m so bored with Sonya “I’m just here until Shayna Baszler arrives” Deville.
  15. I mean, this No Holds Barred match is fine… but no weapons?
  16. Come on, not even a kendo stick?
  17. Ouch, that triangle on Riott looks damn painful.
  18. God, at least let her get back in the ring. Rude.
  19. “She refused to tap, and so took a nap” Never change, Mauro Ranello.
  20. The quest to get Ember Moon good at promos continues.
  21. Peyton Royce and Billie Kay here representing “The Iconic Times”.
  22. Woah, Ember better not be trying to cause a rift between my girls here.
  23. Don’t make me bring out the Billie Kay face again.
  24. Oh sweet lord, Pete Dunne v Tyler Bate again in two weeks. Be still my beating heart.
  25. Their match for the UK Championship was godly.
  26. Oooh, a cryptic vignette. Who is this for?
  27. Shayna, maybe? She is the Queen of Spades…
  28. Time to reveal the surprise opponent for Kassius Ohno, since Velveteen Dream is injured.
  31. Good guy handshake to start the match, I feel like I’m watching Ring of Honor.
  32. Slingshot spear DENIED.
  33. “Kassius Ohno did his homework” …I thought this was a surprise opponent Mauro?
  34. Ouch, hell of a kick from Ohno.
  35. Damn, I mean good job on countering Johnny, but having Ohno’s 270 lb frame land on your knees is no fun.
  36. Slingshot spear SUCCESS.
  37. Jeeeeez, all these kicks and elbows to the face look LEGIT painful!
  38. Kings of selling right here.
  40. God damn there he goes!
  42. And now a HUGE cyclone kick from Ohno!
  43. How has Gargano not been decapitated by now?
  44. “Serving up seasons beatings” Mauro, it is YOU that is en fuego tonight.
  45. So close on that roll up!
  46. Ohno with a huge bicycle kick!
  47. Ohno with a brutal Northern lariat!
  49. Gut. Knees. FACE. All of the kicks.
  54. Johnny Gargano wins!
  56. I need a lie down.
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53 Thoughts I Had Watching The Latest Episode of NXT

29th November 2017
Aztec Theatre, San Antonio

  1. No Full Sail this week, back to normal tapings next week, I believe.
  2. This theatre is pretty cool, very ornate. I like the big screen in front with the entrance to the side.
  3. Just seen what it looks like for a normal production… daaaaaamn that’s so pretty.
  4. Ah yes, the deja vu of Street Profits against Rich Douchebags… again.
  5. Of course Montez Ford has a cowboy hat on.
  6. Good lord, what is up with this ring announcer?
  7. Is that Christy St Cloud? She should definitely stick to the interviewing.
  8. Hey, what’s in Montez Ford’s cup?
  10. Angelo Dawkins sure does some smooth hurdling.
  11. Leapfrog! Reverse leapfrog! I’ve said this before, but Montez Ford is on springs, I’m sure of it.
  12. Mauro Ranallo has called Dawkins “The Curse of Greatness” 3 times. What is this, Beetlejuice? Give it a rest!
  13. Sure am missing Nigel McGuinness on commentary tonight.
  14. Tut tut, Riddick Moss. Caught cheating, red handed.
  15. I love the confusion when they get caught. Like, what did I do?!
  16. Hell of a frog splash from Montez Ford! I swear he hovered for a bit then…
  17. My British boys Trent Seven and Tyler Bate looking dapper tonight.
  18. “Mark Andrews, why did you team up with Pete Dunne?” “I wanted to be on telly more…”
  19. Yay, Kairi Sane v Peyton Royce! This should be great.
  20. I need both of those new Iconic shirts immediately. Dear Santa…
  21. Nice rolling blockbuster from Kairi.
  22. And of course, Kairi wins with a beautiful Insane Elbow.
  23. Zooming out from the ring makes Kairi look even smaller!
  24. Sonya Deville and Ruby Riot were “going at it like a dentist and a carpenter”?
  25. What? Is there some ongoing feud I’m missing?
  26. Oh, must we keep seeing poor Drew rip his bicep? It’s giving me sympathy pains.
  27. Andrade Cien Almas championship celebration next week to look forward to!
  28. YAAAAAAS UK lads here we go!
  29. YAAAAAAS British Strong Style jackets and trunks! Represent.
  30. Christy St Cloud really laying it on thick, sweet jesus.
  31. Moustache Mountain’s entrance is all kinds of hilarious.
  32. Ah here comes Mandrews, my pop punk hero.
  33. If you haven’t listened to Junior yet (he’s the bass player), do it now and thank me later.
  34. And now Pete “I’m not your buddy, guy” Dunne to complete our tag match.
  35. LET’S GOOOO.
  36. Tyler Bate just did a kip up, using ONLY HIS HEAD. What the actual…
  37. Mandrews is king of the flips.
  38. Oh gawd, Pete with the joint manipulation. Man, it just goes through me.
  39. Backstabber and lungblower combination, very nice!
  40. “Seven star lariat in the lone star state” – Mauro has some great lines.
  41. Now Tyler does a SHOULDER STAND into a kip up! When will the madness end?!
  44. Literally rewound and watched that like 5 times, holy crap.
  45. Nice snap dragon suplex from Trent “dad bod” Seven.
  46. Time for the airplane spin!
  47. Guys, just LOOK at the size of his legs. Like god damn tree trunks.
  48. Oh, and in case we all have forgotten, he is TWENTY. Madness.
  49. Tyler finishes things off with the Tyler Driver ’97!
  50. Ohhhhh Pete gets Mandrews from behind (00-er) – what a heel move/totally expected.
  51. Nice Bitter End!
  52. Man, that was exhaustingly good (I can only imagine how they feel, hah.) as always.
  53. Can we just have the UK guys on every week?
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50 Thoughts I Had Watching The Latest Episode of NXT

22nd November 2017
Toyota Center, Houston

  1. First show after NXT Takeover so I’m expecting a lot of lookbacks.
  2. However, we have Pete Dunne v Johnny Gargano for the UK Championship, so much room for hype!
  3. Can I just start by saying, how GOOD was NXT Takeover War Games?!
  4. The War Games match was the highlight, but so much love for all the matches.
  5. Special mention for Aleister Black v Velveteen Dream for the greatest feud of the year.
  6. Should be a neat little Sonya DeVille v Ruby Riot match.
  7. So, Ruby shows up on Smackdown with Liv Morgan and Sarah Logan.
  8. Sonya shows up on Raw with Mandy Rose and the returning Paige.
  9. Notice any similarities here?
  10. Ruby is wearing red trunks.
  11. Sonya is wearing blue trunks.
  12. Bit of a coincidence, no?
  13. Jesus, Ruby’s ankle should not be bending that way!
  14. Nice STO on Sonya!
  15. This is turning into a bit of a screaming match. AAAAH.
  16. Where’s Akira Tozawa when you need him?
  17. Since this might be the last time we see both these ladies, that was a good send off match.
  18. Oh, more flashbacks.
  19. Lars is such a monster.
  21. Lars with the 1000 yard stare right here.
  22. It is still so unsettling for this big monster man to be so well spoken.
  23. Such an excellent vocabulary.
  24. This interviewer speaking to Ember is really going for an Oscar performance, “OMGGGG YOU WONNN”
  25. In all seriousness, Ember’s win was completely deserved.
  26. I don’t think anyone was more surprised by Andrade Cien Almas’ win than Almas himself!
  27. Poor Drew, he needs a hug. I’m happy to provide…
  28. These lookbacks are great and everything, but can we just get to Dunne and Gargano…
  29. Wait, so we’re having Street Profits v Tino and Moss again?! Didn’t we JUST do this?
  30. That War Games match was everything I wanted it to be and more.
  31. Genuinely thought Woolfe was dead for a moment or two…
  32. FINALLY. Pete Dunne v Johnny Gargano for the UK Championship!
  33. Johnny’s entrance theme is at least Top 3 in wrestling themes at the moment…
  34. Pete Dunne’s permanent smug sneer just makes him look so unlikeable. I love it.
  35. He’d 100% punch you if you looked at him the wrong way.
  36. Hell, he punches himself in the face most of the time anyway.
  37. How tough is he, Nigel? “He has a KNEE TATTOO, you know?!”
  38. Great cannonball from Gargano.
  39. Dude’s looking like a chalk outline on the outside of the ring.
  40. Dunne’s fingerwork just looks so effective.
  41. That could get misconstrued out of context…
  42. It just looks so bloody painful.
  43. What a Topé DDT from Gargano!
  44. Woah, Dunne going for the Bitter End but ended up with an awesome X-Plex into the corner!
  45. Uh oh I just saw his mouth guard go…
  46. HE’S BITING HIS FINGERS! Hahahaha!
  47. Johnny looks so confused. “What are you doing? Are you BITING me?!”
  48. Ew don’t pick up his mouth guard Johnny, that’s gross.
  49. Ooof hell of a punch to the jaw from Dunne, night night Jonathan Wrestling.
  50. The Bruiserweight remains champ!
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SPECIAL: 99 Thoughts I Had Watching NXT Takeover: War Games

18th November 2017
Toyota Center, Houston

  1. After all the anticipation and build up over the last few weeks, the time has finally arrived.
  2. Let the Takeover begin!
  3. Kassius Ohno v Lars Sullivan to start off with.
  4. Ah, Ohno looks so happy to be here. That won’t last long.
  5. Lars coming to the ring with no video, just a spotlight following him. Damn, that’s surprisingly effective.
  6. Oh man, there’s elbows and head kicks all over the place.
  7. Nice kip up from a guy the size of Ohno.
  8. Never mind, immediate clothesline by Lars back to the floor.
  9. And the monster wins.
  10. Let us remember that Ohno actually asked for that match.
  11. Hello to my beautiful British boys in the front row. Don’t you all look dapper.
  12. Oh lawd, time for the the feud of the year!
  13. Of course Velveteen Dream is dressed like a cowboy. This is Texas, after all!
  14. Oh wait, there’s more. THOSE TIGHTS ARE SENSATIONAL!
  15. Before it even starts we have the whole crowd chanting his name.
  16. But there’s only one voice that matters.
  17. Will tonight be the night Aleister Black says his name?
  18. Christ, that modified octopus hold looked painful!
  20. Dream just gyrating in the ring whilst Black deliberately looks elsewhere.
  21. Never mind War Games, the MIND Games between these two are off the charts.
  22. That springboard pin was smoooooth.
  23. Velveteen Dream, struggles to pull himself up onto the top rope, continues to gyrate.
  24. BLACK MASS FINISHES IT. Even though the cameraman completely missed it…
  26. AAAAAAH he finally said it!
  27. Now we know what Dream’s love making face looks like.
  28. Alright, let’s go ladies!
  29. I would actually be happy with any of these four winning it.
  30. Cameraman down!
  31. Yo ho ho, our pirate princess has arrived.
  32. Aw, a sweet moment between Billie Kay and Peyton.
  33. Looks like the Poison Ivy look has gone.
  34. Ember is starting to get to grips with her character, that’s good to see.
  35. Peyton is kicking everyone’s ass, right off the bat.
  36. Nice rolling neck snap from Kairi Sane to break up the pin.
  37. 2-4-1 superplex from Peyton!
  38. 2-4-1 Insane Elbow from Kairi!
  39. 2-4-1 Eclipse from Ember!
  40. Bargains all round tonight!
  42. This is so well deserved, I’m so happy for her.
  43. Asuka presenting the belt to Ember is so adorable.
  44. NXT Championship time, Andrade Cien Almas looking fly in his new gear.
  45. Big Drew in a kilt, and here we goooo!
  47. Nice Alabama Slam from Drew.
  48. What a moonsault to the outside from Almas!
  49. I love that Drew is so tall that when he’s in a Tree of Woe his head and shoulders are still on the mat.
  50. Ohhhh Zelina swerve… still doesn’t work.
  51. Both these guys are going all out tonight!
  53. Tranquilo champ!
  54. Wait, I think Drew is hurt for real. That wasn’t supposed to happen.
  55. Damn, just heard he tore his bicep and could be out for 6 months.
  56. I guess that explains how defeated he looks and how surprised Almas initially looked!
  57. Well, that pop says it all. We all love our new Mexican NXT champion!
  58. Props to the guy who would rather take a pervy photo of Zelina than of the actual champ, HAH!
  59. Christ, all this and we’ve only just got to the actual War Games!
  60. Here comes the caaaaage…
  61. If you escape from the cage, your team forfeits. Interesting rule, I like it.
  62. Alright, Eric Young and Adam Cole are being good leaders and heading into the ring first.
  63. Aw, they made Roddy a mini AoP outfit, that’s adorable.
  64. It’s like Kurt Angle coming out with The Shield all over again.
  65. Those cages don’t look big enough to hold both the Authors of Pain… not a lot of wiggle room…
  66. HERE WE GO!
  67. A moment of silence for Roddy and EY’s plums on that top rope. Ouchie.
  68. Undisputed Era first to join the party. “Ah, crap” – Roddy, probably.
  69. And next we have… Oh, the spotlight got confused… It’s AoP!
  70. Fair play to Undisputed Era trying to keep the big boys out by holding the door closed.
  71. Roddy the Projectile!
  72. Here comes SAnitY, let the War Games commence!
  73. Of course Alexander Wolfe brought a truncheon.
  74. Dain just throwing in some more toys for everyone to use.
  75. I was just thinking they could do with some tables, Dain you read my mind!
  77. Actually crying with laughter, oh my god.
  78. Did Killian Dain just SWALLOW the key?! This is madness!
  79. “Oh no, oh no not a fallaway slam samoa drop… Of course, of course a fallaway slam samoa drop!”
  80. Killian Dain is owing this match!
  81. Towers of Doom in stereo, and Adam Cole sat tall in the middle of it all.
  82. Nice German suplex by the German Wolfe.
  83. Oh wow, his head is really bleeding after that…
  85. Killian Dain is the real MVP tonight.
  86. Oh man, Cole and Roddy giving me anxiety on the top of the cage…
  87. No way.
  88. NO WAY a Mount Everest superplex onto EVERYONE!
  89. Okay seriously, there is a lot of blood on that table from Wolfe’s head.
  90. Oh good, Wolfe is up!
  91. No wait, he’s down again.
  92. Right, the blood is now pooling on the ring below him and all over his arm. Should we get help or something?
  93. Eric Young betrayed by his own chair.
  94. Adam Cole for the win!
  95. Welcome to NXT, BAY BAY.
  96. God damn, that was exactly what I wanted from that match.
  97. You know it’s been a brutal match when the winners can barely stand.
  98. Oh man, I’m exhausted just from watching that.
  99. Hey Survivor Series, good luck following that!
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48 Thoughts I Had Watching The Latest Episode of NXT

15th November 2017
Full Sail Arena

  1. Alright, last show before Takeover Houston and I am HYPED.
  2. Props for the Dakota Kai anime poster in the crowd.
  3. Sure would be nice to see more of her on NXT.
  4. My boys Street Profits to kick things off.
  5. OMG I JUST GOT IT. Angelo Dawkins mixes the drink, Montez Ford drinks the drink.
  6. I am all for Mauro Renello and Percy Watson frustrating Nigel McGuinness with obscure hip hop references.
  7. Tino Sabbatelli just LOOKS like he’s a douchebag of a person.
  8. I must say that Riddick Moss has been stepping up his abs game. They’re almost ‘Balor abs’!
  9. Montez Ford must have springs in his feet with how much high he bounces around.
  10. Either that, or he’s hiding a pair of those Kangoo Jumps. 
  11. (other spring loaded shoes are available)
  12. There’s a town in Wyoming that only has ONE person living in it?!
  13. Buford, Wyoming – REALLY?!
  14. Well, I’ll be damned.
  15. Someone find me a better kick than Aleister Black’s Black Mass, I dare you.
  16. Ah man, Raul Mendoza is being our sacrificial lamb against Lars Sullivan tonight.
  17. Good LORD, look at the size difference!
  18. Lars is a damn monster.
  19. Does anyone else think he looks like Gene Snitsky’s younger brother?
  20. ‘The Freak Accident’ is a great finisher for Lars. Otherwise known as ‘Throw Him Hard At The Ground’.
  21. Oh Kassius, sweetie, that outfit is not doing you any favours.
  22. No wonder Lars is laughing at you.
  23. “What the hell are you wearing, mate?” – Lars, probably.
  24. Johnny Gargano’s all “Sorry for disappointing you, dad” with Regal.
  26. And it’s going to be televised! Thank you, Regal! *clap, clap, clap clap clap*
  27. This promo for War Games is GREAT.
  28. Adam Cole (BAY BAY) is hella good at dramatic promos.
  29. It’s nice to see Mercedes Martinez getting a match that’s not just a squash.
  30. Oh my, is that an airhorn in her entrance music?
  32. I see Ember Moon is dialling back the preppy cheerleader part of her character. She must read my blog.
  33. Oooh potential ‘3 Amigos’ from Martinez?
  34. Okay, I’ll take a delayed vertical suplex instead. ‘2 and a half Amigos’?
  35. Ember Moon’s ‘Eclipse’ is such a great looking move.
  36. I must say though, no one sells it like Billie Kay.
  37. All the ladies are here for the stare-off!
  38. I love that it could potentially be any of them winning this match at Takeover.
  39. Drew McIntyre really is the whole package, isn’t he?
  40. “I love it when a plan comes together.” – Drew ‘Hannibal’ McIntyre
  41. Never realised he was a fan of Biffy Clyro. “I am the (bloody) mountain!”… I am the seeeeea…
  42. Must be a Scottish thing. Like when they think all us Welsh people know each other.
  44. “If she lets you off the leash” – Ohhhh snap. Can I get you some aloe vera, Andrade Cien Almas?
  45. “Woof woof, here he comes.” Man, it’s gonna get busy in the burn ward tonight.
  46. Not the most eventful of episodes, but a handful of good matches.
  47. TAKEOVER HOUSTON is almost upon us!
  48. See you at the War Games!
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48 Thoughts I Had Watching The Latest Episode of NXT

8th November 2017
Full Sail Arena

  1. Heavy Machinery to kick things off, yessir!
  3. Loving the new bandannas.
  4. Otis Dozovic is such a preposterous shape. No kind of tall but as wide as 3 men.
  5. Oh man, Sean Maluta back down to jobber status. That’s a damn shame.
  6. Kris Payne… more like BE IN PAYNE, amirite?
  7. WHAT? Otis Dozovic just did the WORM?!
  9. Of all the things I would have expected… let me just pick my jaw up off the ground.
  10. Loving Chris Payne’s deadfall.
  11. Hella nice springboard elbow drop from Tucker Knight!
  12. If in doubt, pile on!
  13. Nice quick match to start off and reaffirm my love of Heavy Machinery.
  14. This Kairi Sane v Billie Kay match is the most Disney-esque match I’ve ever seen.
  15. A hero pirate princess versus the villainous evil queen. I love it!
  16. I swear Peyton Royce’s shirt gets smaller every time she comes to the ring.
  17. Sane has such a good finisher. The height on her Insane Elbow Drop is…well…insane.
  18. Just like in true Disney fashion, good triumphs over evil!
  19. Of course Regal has his own action figure on his desk.
  20. Kassius Ohno wearing a (god awful) Cesaro t-shirt. Nice throwback to Kings of Wrestling days!
  21. Oh lord, Ohno wants Lars Sullivan. Regal: “Erm… are you sure mate?”
  22. Andrade Cien Almas embracing his silent Spanish soap opera persona, whilst Zelina does the talking.
  23. I swear, Velveteen Dream’s entrance is verging on soft porn.
  24. D-R-E-A-M.
  25. Props to the dude with the backwards baseball cap in the crowd dancing along. I feel you, brother.
  26. That Death Valley driver and cartwheel combo is niiiiiice.
  27. Is it just me or does it feel like Ruby Riot is falling under the radar again?
  28. Oh bore off, Sonya Deville.
  29. “Heal fast.” Why’s that? Incase Shayna Baszler comes along and does your gimmick properly?
  31. *thrusts cup at random man*
  32. “OUR suit”… “OUR car” last week. This is too funny.
  34. Roddy Strong v Adam Cole is going to be so good.
  35. ADAM COLE *screams at TV* BAY BAY!
  36. There is such supreme chemistry going on here.
  37. Each move looks authentic as HELL.
  38. Aaaaaah Cole did the “Oh no” face again, HAHA!
  39. Jesus Christ, what a backbreaker!
  40. Oh look Cole, your mates are here to help.
  41. But wait, Roddy has friends too!
  42. Well… friends is probably pushing it. I still find this Authors of Strong Pain partnership weird.
  43. Can’t have a random ring invasion without SAniTY too!
  44. Alexander Wolfe should not be able to fly over the ropes like that.
  45. Holy crap, Roddy and Cole superplexed into EVERYONE!
  46. This is like a scene from Platoon.
  47. Christ, War Games is going to be MENTAL.
  48. Bring it on.
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44 Thoughts I Had Watching The Latest Episode of NXT

1st November 2017
Full Sail Arena

  1. Here comes the Queen of Facial Expressions, Taynara Conti, to kick things off. Lovely.
  2. Of course, she is being sacrificed to Nikki Cross, so not so lovely for her.
  3. Nikki always looks like she’s having such a great time… whilst she’s slamming your face against the ring.
  4. Eh, that was a super quick match but did its job.
  5. Mercedes Martinez is struggling with this promo.
  6. “The person who won’t win is the person who is not good at winning big matches.” Thanks for your insight.
  7. The amount I love Johnny Gargano’s theme on a scale of 1-10 is probably about 25.
  8. Is Fabian Aichner a real life version of the Move-Set Guy from WWE 2K18?
  9. Gargano must be the most over star on NXT right now, right?
  10. His Slingshot Spear always looks SO DAMN GOOD.
  11. Add into that his Slingshot DDT too. Boy has one of the best move-sets around.
  12. As much as his current losing streak makes sense for his story line, I still hate seeing him lose.
  13. Aichner’s previous match against Kassius Ohno makes the win more believable.
  14. Aleister Black v Velveteen Dream is going to be so great.
  15. Black admitting Velveteen finally has his attention. Shivers, man.
  16. Did Velveteen Dream have 3 sunglass lenses on that match graphic?
  17. HAHA. Why have I never noticed that before?
  18. My third eye sees you, child.
  19. I love Street Profits so much. Montez Ford is a superstar.
  20. Wait, Riddick Moss and Tino Sabbatelli share the car? Like a married couple?
  21. Andrade Cien Almas attacking Drew McIntyre on the ramp before the contract signing. That was not tranquilo.
  22. I love that we get to see the Iconic Duo every week, even if they’re not wrestling.
  23. “Halloween was yeeeeesterrday.” Savage.
  24. Kairi Sane just carries her ship wheel around at all times like a steering wheel lock?
  25. This female announcer is annoying. Every. Syll-a-ble. Must. Be. Forced.
  26. I miss Greg Hamilton.
  27. SAnitY can use the Freebird rule for their tag matches, I dig it.
  28. Gives their stable another level of unpredictability, as you don’t know for sure who you’ll be facing.
  29. Alexander Wolfe is such a loon. IN-RING MOSHPIT!
  30. A wild Killian Dain appeared!
  31. It’s not very effective…
  32. Oh man, are my ROH stable dreams coming to fruition tonight?
  33. Sigh. Of course not.
  34. Authors of Pain and Roderick Strong are such a bizarre combination.
  35. The Authors of Back Breaking Pain?
  36. Uh oh, Regal is here to give you all a ruddy good talking to.
  37. Yessss, that pop when he said “two rings”. WE ALL KNOW WHAT’S UP.
  39. How helpful to have the War Games graphic just ready to go on the screen…
  41. Three Teams.
  42. Two Rings.
  43. One Cage.
  44. War Games is coming to Houston!
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46 Thoughts I Had Watching The Latest Episode of NXT

25th October 2017
Full Sail Arena

  1. You know things are gonna be good when NXT starts with Regal laying down the law.
  2. Oney Lorcan and Danny Burch as a tag team. FINALLY.
  3. Bald brothers unite. All hail Boney Lurch.
  4. So Tino Sabatelli’s gimmick is “I am rich” and Riddick Moss’ gimmick is “I have a rich friend”?
  5. European uppercuts for everyone!
  6. Someone needs to book Oney v Cesaro in a “Battle of the Uppercuts” match.
  7. Hell, make it a triple threat with Danny Burch and you can take all my money.
  8. Dammit, Boney Lurch lost!
  9. I blame the lack of matching ring gear. Sort it out, lads.
  10. Taynara Conti’s “Oh crap, I’ve made a mistake” face never fails to amuse me.
  11. Nice to see some old faces from the Mae Young Classic involved in this Battle Royal.
  12. Oh hell yeah, Candice getting her own entrance and theme music.
  13. Nikki’s entrance music is so good.
  14. Ladies, she’s behind you.
  15. They’re really pushing this “crazy bitch” persona for Nikki. I love it.
  16. Of course Conti is the first to get eliminated.
  17. Nigel just called Peyton “PeyRo”. Spread it like wildfire.
  18. I see you Aaliyah. Fed up of STILL being in the Performance Center yet?
  19. #JusticeforNhooph.
  20. Biana Belair is seriously impressive, especially for someone who has only been wrestling a year or so.
  21. From now on, all hip/ass attacks shall be known as “Gluteus Maximus Attackus”. Thanks, Mauro.
  22. Nikki takes out eeeeverybody with a plancha.
  23. Holy crap, that overhead press slam from Belair.
  24. Aw, bye Candice.
  25. GENIUS move by Billie Kay, using Belair’s own hair against her.
  26. Oh. That came back to bite her in the ass quite quickly.
  28. Yay Nikki is the fourth woman in the fatal four-way and the crowd is finally awake.
  29. I am loving how completely different each of the women’s characters in this upcoming match.
  30. A pirate, a werewolf, a bogan and a maniac walk into a bar…
  31. Excuse my fangirling but YAAAAAS MARMOZETS for Houston Takeover.
  32. Velveteen Dream appearing behind Aleister Black like a god damn PHANTOM.
  33. I am so stoked for this feud to come to fruition.
  34. Zelina Vega, man. Austin Aries is a lucky guy.
  35. “Greatest manager that ever lived”?
  36. This match is damn good, Roddy is on point. Backbreakers all round.
  39. Oh Almas, honey. The reason you have a manager is that you don’t ever have to talk. Shhh.
  40. Enough teasing with the ROH stable, dammit!
  41. Even Full Sail wants it.
  42. AHHH, he’s offering the armband.
  43. Take it.
  44. TAKE IT.
  46. ROH Stable inbound!
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43 Thoughts I Had Watching The Latest Episode of NXT

18th October 2017
Full Sail Arena.

  1. I’m still getting used to this theme music.
  2. At least it’s stuck for now, there was a period where we had a new one every week.
  3. Starting with the women’s triple threat, nice.
  4. Do you think Sonya Deville is pissed at Shayna Baszler for basically stealing her gimmick but doing it better? At least Shayna is an actual MMA star, and damn scary.
  5. I still see Ember Moon struggling with her gimmick. You cannot be a mystical werewolf/vampire if you are then going to turn into a preppy cheerleader halfway down the ramp.
  6. Ruby’s kicks looking BRUTAL.
  7. Hah, as if Mauro just mentioned Sonya being a less successful version of Shayna. Get out of my head, Ranallo.
  8. “She is against two of them.” Percy Watson’s first words on commentary tonight. Anyone else getting feelings of Perd from Parks & Recreation?
  9. Holding onto the ropes in a DQ match won’t help you, Ruby.
  10. SURPRISE ECLIPSE. Ember’s through to the Fatal Four Way.
  11. Have NXT always had this security backstage footage?
  12. I am all on board for Roddy joining The Undisputed Era. ROH Stable, please and thank you.
  13. Iconic Duo are the BEST. MEEEESTAHHH REEEGAL.
  14. “…insert me…”, PHRASING, Billie.
  15. Billie’s exasperated face and grunts give me life.
  16. No pop and generic entrance theme and music for Raul Mendoza. I am so sad.
  17. Aleister Black has the mother of all entrances. From the music to him raising from the dead, the smoke and jumping over the ropes to sit cross legged in the middle of the ring, it all works.
  18. I remember the first time I saw it at Takeover and I almost had a meltdown.
  19. Velveteen Dream looking damn good in that vest.
  20. I never, in a million years, would have thought a feud between Aleister Black and Velveteen Dream would work, but I am 100% invested.
  21. Raul flies like a damn superstar. Brother needs pushing to 205 Live.
  22. This Drew McIntyre interview is totally awkward.
  23. Christy St Cloud deserves a place in the ring with all of this overselling.
  24. Whoever came up with the idea of Zelina Vega being Andrade Cien Almas’ manager needs a damn promotion. What a turnaround for the guy, well deserved.
  25. Also, her pronunciation of Andrrrrade is on point.
  26. I love Kassius Ohno but does anyone else get the feeling he’s treading water? He needs a decent storyline and to stop facing jobbers day in, day out.
  27. Some better gear would be good too. Get Kevin Owens’ stylist on the case.
  29. SAnitY yay! Undisputed Era yay! I AM SO CONFLICTED.
  30. This is all way too generic for me. Crap music, crap video. CFO$ needs to get his head in the game.
  31. Kyle O’Reilly carries himself like a half-way animation of an ape from Planet of the Apes.
  32. Alexander Wolfe moshpit is imminent.
  33. “Cross body, and I mean BODY”, never change Mauro.
  34. Killian Dain is destroying everyone!
  35. The strength on Killian Dain is actually ridiculous!
  36. Uh oh, they’ve got you cornered now, BAY BAY.
  37. Where you gonna run to?
  39. Hah, Dain’s taunting them. “You want some? Come on then!”, AOP “…K”
  40. I can’t believe I honestly had forgotten we’ve not seen them since Takeover.
  41. Cole, Fish and O’Reilly taking this opportunity to get the hell away.
  43. Time for a new chapter to be written.
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NXT 2/3/17 Review.

Hey guys, it’s the Viking Bastard here stepping in for Mr. MacMainMan today to review last night’s episode of NXT. Let’s get into it shall we.

Match 1: Johnny Gargano vs Raul Mendoza.

This is Gargano’s return match and Mendoza’s NXT debut. You might recognise him from the CWC. Crowd are firmly behind Gargano as both men lock up. Nice bit of chain wrestling into a facelock, gator roll combo for a 1. Some lovely stuff from both men including a reverse leapfrog from Mendoza and a rolling enzuigiri from Gargano. Gargano works the arm but Mendoza fires off a wicked forearm and a dropkick for two. Mendoza keeps control with a nasty chop but gets caught with Johnny’s torpedo spear. Gargano fires up with running forearms and a big lariat. Mendoza reverses a second into a gamengiri. He tries a standing 450 but gets caught in the Gargano Escape for the tap out victory. As short as this was this match ruled! Great stuff from both men. 4/5.

We then get a promo for Bobby Roode and Asuka appearing tonight.

After the break there is a recap of Sanity and AOP’s fight last week and Ellering cuts a promo saying that his team accepts the match at Takeover.

Asuka’s out next (sadly not in action.) She talks about Takeover and her match with Ember Moon saying she beat Ember before and will do it again and that Moon is not ready for her, Moon comes out then looking like she’s ready to kill someone. She says that she’s been doing everything to get a rematch and knows that she’s ready to fight.  She then says that Asuka is not ready for her. Asuka offers her hand but psychs her out and slaps her across the face, Ember responds and takes Asuka down but Asuka fights back and dumps Moon out of the ring and stands tall with the belt but turns straight into the Eclipse! Holy shit the buildup to this match is awesome! I love Asuka being the untouchable, cocky champion and Ember being the only person to see through it and not back down.

We then go to Bobby Roode in a backstage area who talks about beating Roderick Strong. He then is asked about Drew McIntyre and says that next week he and  Drew will have a sit down. He goes to leave but is acosted by Roderick Strong. Roode escapes and Roddy is confronted by William Regal. Strong wants Roode but Regal can’t give it to him because he Takeover match is already set. I’m guessing this will become a Triple Threat down the line then.

Next up is a promo for the Street Profits who make their debut next week.

Match 2: Sonya Deville vs Jenna Van Bemmel.

So this was just a straight up squash to showcase Deville. Sonya uses her speed to outpace Van Bemmel and mocks her by putting her hands behind her back and daring her to hit her. Jenna goes off the ropes but is nailed with a lariat and a combination of knees and forearm strikes. Van Bemmel fights back though with an avalanche in the corner but gets caught with a triangle armbar for the instant tap out win. Not very impressed to be honest. 2/5.

Hideo Itami is being interviewed and he takes the microphone and comes to the ring demanding respect. He then goes on a rant in Japanese but gets interrupted by Aleister Black. Hideo refuses to back down though. He tries to sneak attack Black but is leveled by Black Mass!

Next week we will see Andrade Cien Almas vs No Way Jose.

Main Event: Aleister Black vs ?.

Holy fuck it’s Kyle O’Reilly! Red Dragon are both in NXT! O’Reilly and Black start with a fist bump (nice to see the code of honor upheld by the two former ROH stars.) Striking exchange by both men that leads to a clean break. Black gets a front facelock but O’Reilly quickly switches and locks in a triangle armbar but Black reverses into a Fujiwara Armbar. Snapmare headlock but Black goes straight into a hammerlock. O’Reilly tries for an O’Connor Roll but Black rockets off a forearm and a legsweep and goes into the Indian Sit pose. O’Reilly kips up but is met with a knee from Black. Back from the break and Black misses a double stomp only to catch O’Reilly with a sick roundhouse to the chest for two. O’Reilly takes control with a series of kicks, knees and slaps. Followed by a flying forearm into the Achilles lock. Both men slap each other in the face but O’Reilly is able to switch into the ankle lock followed by an arm wrench for a one. Black tries to guard but O’Reilly does a cartwheel into an attempt at the Arm-Ageddon. Black folds him up for two but O’Reilly stays in control with palm strikes. Both men get to their feet and exchange roundhouse kicks. Kyle takes back control with a kick to the arm and focuses his attack there. Back into it and O’Reilly is raining in forearms as Black shouts “Hit me.” Black fights back into it with a roundhouse, snap suplex and a knee to the shoulder for two. O’Reilly counters Black and continues to work on the arm. Black tries to fight out with knees and starts to mount a comeback ending in a jumping snap Hurricanrana! (Holy shit!) Black tries for Black Mass but is stopped with a standing Ankle Lock. O’Reilly hits an axe kick and a forearm and nearly gets the win after a long two count. O’Reilly keeps control with a front facelock. Both men trade boots and Black hits the unholy combo but O’Reilly hits another axe kick but Black pops up with Black Mass for the win. What a fucking match! Both men battered each other and this felt like a big fight. Neither man has anything to be ashamed of coming out of this. Welcome to NXT KO’R! 5/5.

So that was NXT for another week, overall a decent show with an amazing main event, nice to see more promos and people getting chances to talk to the crowd. Interested to see what they will do now with Itami.

Overall rating 7.5/10.

That has been the NXT review folks, I have been The Viking Bastard, Gary should be back next week until then, take it easy – VB.