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NXT 2/3/17 Review.

Hey guys, it’s the Viking Bastard here stepping in for Mr. MacMainMan today to review last night’s episode of NXT. Let’s get into it shall we.

Match 1: Johnny Gargano vs Raul Mendoza.

This is Gargano’s return match and Mendoza’s NXT debut. You might recognise him from the CWC. Crowd are firmly behind Gargano as both men lock up. Nice bit of chain wrestling into a facelock, gator roll combo for a 1. Some lovely stuff from both men including a reverse leapfrog from Mendoza and a rolling enzuigiri from Gargano. Gargano works the arm but Mendoza fires off a wicked forearm and a dropkick for two. Mendoza keeps control with a nasty chop but gets caught with Johnny’s torpedo spear. Gargano fires up with running forearms and a big lariat. Mendoza reverses a second into a gamengiri. He tries a standing 450 but gets caught in the Gargano Escape for the tap out victory. As short as this was this match ruled! Great stuff from both men. 4/5.

We then get a promo for Bobby Roode and Asuka appearing tonight.

After the break there is a recap of Sanity and AOP’s fight last week and Ellering cuts a promo saying that his team accepts the match at Takeover.

Asuka’s out next (sadly not in action.) She talks about Takeover and her match with Ember Moon saying she beat Ember before and will do it again and that Moon is not ready for her, Moon comes out then looking like she’s ready to kill someone. She says that she’s been doing everything to get a rematch and knows that she’s ready to fight.  She then says that Asuka is not ready for her. Asuka offers her hand but psychs her out and slaps her across the face, Ember responds and takes Asuka down but Asuka fights back and dumps Moon out of the ring and stands tall with the belt but turns straight into the Eclipse! Holy shit the buildup to this match is awesome! I love Asuka being the untouchable, cocky champion and Ember being the only person to see through it and not back down.

We then go to Bobby Roode in a backstage area who talks about beating Roderick Strong. He then is asked about Drew McIntyre and says that next week he and  Drew will have a sit down. He goes to leave but is acosted by Roderick Strong. Roode escapes and Roddy is confronted by William Regal. Strong wants Roode but Regal can’t give it to him because he Takeover match is already set. I’m guessing this will become a Triple Threat down the line then.

Next up is a promo for the Street Profits who make their debut next week.

Match 2: Sonya Deville vs Jenna Van Bemmel.

So this was just a straight up squash to showcase Deville. Sonya uses her speed to outpace Van Bemmel and mocks her by putting her hands behind her back and daring her to hit her. Jenna goes off the ropes but is nailed with a lariat and a combination of knees and forearm strikes. Van Bemmel fights back though with an avalanche in the corner but gets caught with a triangle armbar for the instant tap out win. Not very impressed to be honest. 2/5.

Hideo Itami is being interviewed and he takes the microphone and comes to the ring demanding respect. He then goes on a rant in Japanese but gets interrupted by Aleister Black. Hideo refuses to back down though. He tries to sneak attack Black but is leveled by Black Mass!

Next week we will see Andrade Cien Almas vs No Way Jose.

Main Event: Aleister Black vs ?.

Holy fuck it’s Kyle O’Reilly! Red Dragon are both in NXT! O’Reilly and Black start with a fist bump (nice to see the code of honor upheld by the two former ROH stars.) Striking exchange by both men that leads to a clean break. Black gets a front facelock but O’Reilly quickly switches and locks in a triangle armbar but Black reverses into a Fujiwara Armbar. Snapmare headlock but Black goes straight into a hammerlock. O’Reilly tries for an O’Connor Roll but Black rockets off a forearm and a legsweep and goes into the Indian Sit pose. O’Reilly kips up but is met with a knee from Black. Back from the break and Black misses a double stomp only to catch O’Reilly with a sick roundhouse to the chest for two. O’Reilly takes control with a series of kicks, knees and slaps. Followed by a flying forearm into the Achilles lock. Both men slap each other in the face but O’Reilly is able to switch into the ankle lock followed by an arm wrench for a one. Black tries to guard but O’Reilly does a cartwheel into an attempt at the Arm-Ageddon. Black folds him up for two but O’Reilly stays in control with palm strikes. Both men get to their feet and exchange roundhouse kicks. Kyle takes back control with a kick to the arm and focuses his attack there. Back into it and O’Reilly is raining in forearms as Black shouts “Hit me.” Black fights back into it with a roundhouse, snap suplex and a knee to the shoulder for two. O’Reilly counters Black and continues to work on the arm. Black tries to fight out with knees and starts to mount a comeback ending in a jumping snap Hurricanrana! (Holy shit!) Black tries for Black Mass but is stopped with a standing Ankle Lock. O’Reilly hits an axe kick and a forearm and nearly gets the win after a long two count. O’Reilly keeps control with a front facelock. Both men trade boots and Black hits the unholy combo but O’Reilly hits another axe kick but Black pops up with Black Mass for the win. What a fucking match! Both men battered each other and this felt like a big fight. Neither man has anything to be ashamed of coming out of this. Welcome to NXT KO’R! 5/5.

So that was NXT for another week, overall a decent show with an amazing main event, nice to see more promos and people getting chances to talk to the crowd. Interested to see what they will do now with Itami.

Overall rating 7.5/10.

That has been the NXT review folks, I have been The Viking Bastard, Gary should be back next week until then, take it easy – VB.

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NXT 27-7-17

Hello and welcome to another NXT review big main event coming up so lets get straight into it shall we.


Ember Moon def Lei’d Tapa

So I did some research on this Lei’d Tapa and she worked for GFW and had a short TNA run. Never really heard of her to be honest and She is the niece of The Barbarian which is nice for her. Tapa attacks with a lariat at the bell and tosses Moon across the ring. Headbutts by Tapa follow and she takes some time to celebrate. Moon battles back, hits the tornado suplex and followed with the dropkick, superkick and forearm smash. The eclipse followed Moon picks up the win. N/A

Short and sweet in this one moon wins keeps her going for Brooklyn and as for Lei’d not much she could do with the time. 


After the match Moon demands a rematch with Asuka at Takeover: Back to Brooklyn again, for the third time. She will give Asuka all the competition she desires. She is ready to defeat the undefeated.


Sanity interrupts the Authors of Pain’s scheduled We are going to kick your fucking ass match. They briefly brawl and the Authors get the upper hand, and Nikki Cross as to hold Kilian Dane back because the big nasty bastard wanted more of the AOP.


No Way Jose arrived at the NXT Arena and was confronted by Zelina She informs Jose that he made a mistake and got into something he has no business being involved in. Zelina proclaims that Jose lit a fire under Almas’ ass and that Jose won’t be dancing out of it.

The Velveteen Dream def Cezar Bononi 

Dream attacks with knees and strikes to begin. He beats down Bononi in the corner, but Bononi fires back with kicks and rights. The atomic drop and drop kick follow. The Michinoku driver follows for 2. Dream escapes a pop up powerslam, and hits the Finlay roll and finishes Bononi with the top rope elbow drop and that is all she wrote. N/A

Again a very short match I would like to see The Velveteen Dream get more time in the ring to see what he is like besides 2 or 3 minute squashes. He looks good but he needs more time in the ring. 


After the match The Velveteen Dream is interviewed, but is not impressed with the interviewer. He will not give an interview in front of the “ugly NXT universe.”

William Regal announces that Ember Moon will in fact get her rematch with Asuka at Takeover: Back to Brooklyn.

Here’s Drew He thanks those who have supported him since the beginning, and knows that nothing is owed to him and that he has to earn what he wants. He was once the chosen one, and he expected things to be given to him but he was blinded and entitled. He failed by not working hard. But now he feels he’s the hardest working man in the world now, and hates Roode’ entitled attitude. This isn’t Roode’s NXT, because “you aren’t NXT… WE ARE NXT!” good old babyface DRew bless.


Kassius Ohno def Hideo Itami via DQ

They lock up and Ohno looks to work the arm and ground Itami. Itami rolls out, and then attacks with kicks and they trade forearms. Ohno lays in chops, but fires away with kicks again. Ohno takes him down, hitting the basement dropkick and covering for 2. Ohno then kicks Itami on the face, but Itami cuts him off in the ropes, works him over and hits the guillotine leg drop as Ohno was trapped in the ropes. Post break, and Itami takes control with kicks and a knee drop, covering for 2. More kicks by Itami follow, the neck breaker connects and Itami covers for 2. He then grounds Ohno with a chinlock. Itami then lays in more kicks, controlling with ease. Ohno fights to his feet, lays in some chops. Itami hits the tornado neck snap, but then jumps off the top into chops by Ohno. Ohno runs through a kick, hitting kicks, knees and a shining wizard. Ohno hits the cyclone kick and that gets 2. The senton follows for another 2. Itami avoids the corner attack, hits the fisherman’s suplex and hits the corner dropkick to a downed Ohno. Itami looks for the GTS, Ohno escapes and as he goes for the rolling elbow, Itami kicked him square in the BALLS bad boy Hideo bad boy. 2.5/5

This was a fine tv match setting up a bigger payoff at Brooklyn which is fine with me this and finally we get heel Hideo hopefully this can lift towards the title maybe. 

After the match Itami beats down Ohno in the corner.  Itami then hits a GTS, and then another and Ohno is down. Itami teases leaving, but returns, hitting Ohno with the GTS on the steps.

Overall thoughts

Decent show building up towards Brooklyn which is good the show is looking good as always highlights were the main event and the heel turn of Hideo and you could say the promo by Drew as well.