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Hi I’m Paul and here is a look at Monday night Raw

Last Raw before TLC on Sunday lets see what we have installed

We open the show with Kurt Angle bigging up TLC and the SHIELD, they enter the arena, in Shield GEAR and through the audience! and call out there opponents for this Sunday. They come but Kurt stops it and big ups the matches for tonight, Raw Tag team title match with Ambrose and Rollins vs the bar and Reigns vs Stroman in a cage match.


Before the match a very funny segment, the normal Elias segment but with the club joining in on the singing, gets good heat and is quite funny showing all 3 men mic work. Even Anderson singing the Honkey Tonk Man theme gave me a smile.

The match is textbook, a lot of the faces getting beat down in the match until the hot tag to the star there trying to build up in Jason Jordan, Crews gets the pinfall for the 3 count

Winners- Titus, Crews and Jason Jordan. 


This match was very short and felt rused, Everyone got a turn to show a little and typical heels beatdown to hot tag finish crews getting the pin was a bit odd but maybe trying not to think there shoving Jordan down our throats. Yet again i dont see where we go from here at all, very rushed and just not enough time to tell a story or anything, poor start to the show.

Quick backstage interview with Emma saying she wants more attention and more of the woman’s revolution stuff, Bliss appears and agrees and talks about having a tag team match with Mickie later with Emma, she agrees and both exits together.

Promo showing the feud between Cedric Alexander vs Brian Kendrick and Gentleman Jack

Gentleman Jack w Brian Kendrick vs Cedric Alexander w Rich Swann

Cedric is a house on fire, hitting all the big moves early, Brian Kendrick distracts and helps Jack out and he takes over, very slow beat down control.

Cedric gets control over the match, hits the Lumbar Check for the 3 count

Winner- Cedrick Alexander

Grade- D+

Same as the first match, very short again, seemed very quick show off what both men can do, Both men do come off well showcasing why there very highly regarded in the WWE but this match is not going to do much good, yes it carries on the feud for Sunday but not much else, two short throw away matches to start raw.

MIZ TV segment

As normal The miz tv segment is very well put together, the Miz is the best talker on raw at the minute and is a great asset to the show, his guest is Braun Stroman and they all talk about the destruction of the shield, The miz mentions the fact Dean Ambrose keeps saying they want to take on the world so he wants to make the TLC match a 5-3 handicap match. Kurt Angle comes out and refuses this, after some talking Kurt says if Stroman wins they can have 5 but if Reigns wins they loose Stroman at TLC.

Sasha Banks Vs Alecia Fox

Playing on the fact last week Fox tapped out and this is why the match is going ahead, Banks goes for a bank statement early and fails. The rest of the match is Fox beating down on Banks until another Bank statement and tap out victory.

Winner- Sasha Banks 

Grade- D- 

This match was prime example of no idea what to do with these women so trying to get a little feud together and see what happens, playing on the old Fox is crazy angle, Very simple match again, Little to no sequences and over quick. Three throw away matches now, very slow start on the go home show.

Enzo and Kalisto cut a promo against each other in the ring. Enzo talks alot and i don’t really get what he is saying im just guessing its bad against Kalisto, Kalisto when he speaks is not coming across very good, After a while of talking from behind Tony Neese, Drew Gulak, Noam dar and Davari attack and a massive beat down takes place on the cruiser weight champion. Mustsfa ali comes to the rescue but its shortly lived as the numbers game takes over.



Both teams are going at each other hard and fast. Seth rollins takes a lot of the beat downs in this match, The bar working well together in the double team front. Hot tag to dean for a big clean up and the pace is so quick, theirs a great spot with a double suicide dive out other sides of the ring.

The finish of the match is Rollins spinning Knee strike into the dirty deads for the pin fall

Winners- Rollins and Ambrose to retain 

Grade- B 

This match was the wake up call raw needed, fast action, great spots and double team moves to die for. These two teams work absolutely work really well together. Moves things on nicely for TLC gives the Bar incentive to go all out and keeps the Shield reunion strong.

There is a tiny segment with Axel saying to the Bar they cant make mistakes at TLC etc, Stroman enters and then coaches Stroman for his cage match and says they need him. Axel makes statement bout he would fight reigns himself, stroman demands he does, Axel leaves.

Balor enter the ring and says he thinks Wyatt has unleashed a monster, but he has a demon to slay the monster. There was a moment of Balors face close up and cutting to recorded footage of his face painted as the demon. Very odd and weird for 2017.


Standard start to the match Bayley and Emma show off there mat work, Emma gets out wrestled by the face till the heels get advantage for the most part of the match

Hot tag Mickie at the end for a Mick Kick on the champ and a 3 count.

Winners- James and Bayley

Grade- C 

I will admit i wasn’t looking forward to this match, the gave this match alot more time and they could show off the story much better then if it was shorter, Bayley is a great worker and the pin fall sets up doubt for bliss going into TLC.


Cuts backstage to carry on the Axel segment, He finds the Shield and goes runnning towards them before a quick ad break. Come back from the ad break we see the Miz talking to the bar and Stroman and asks where he is, Stroman says he gone to beat up Reigns, Miz looks worried and runs off to find him.

Quick interview with Mickie James saying yes she is upset by Bliss and the Age bullying but she will show why she is a great superstar and proud what she achieved.

The miz finds Axel beat up and hanging up by his ankles, very funny and nice moment. Rene asks bout Axel and being the 5th man, He says he wasn’t the 5th Man.

Braun Stroman vs Roman Reigns Steel Cage Match

This match showcases what we have seen from there last few matches, Reigns fighting with his speed  but the monster over powering till Reigns gets the advantage, very back and forth, Reigns attempts a escape and the bat stop him followed very quickly by Rollins and Ambrose, they brawl out to the crowd.

There is a great spot when Stroman superplexs Reigns off the top of the cage back in, more back and forth then the bar and Shield fight back up the ramp and back stage, The match cuts to there brawl, until the Miz locks all 4 men in the car park.

The closing of the match sees reigns hits Stroman with a superman punch for a close 2 count. He goes for a spear in the corner then BOOM!

KANES MUSIC HITS! Reigns being distracted fails the spear and Kane comes up from the ring. The big red machine hits 2 chokeslams, the two big men assault Reigns with tombstones and finally a power slam for the pin fall

Winner- Braun Stroman 

Grade- C+

A great main event, these two have shown there great working together, didn’t like how the match cut away near the end, also Kane being revealed being the 5th man added to the match is really odd, yes another monster but with TLC this Sunday we wont get a chance to hear why. The spots were brutal and shown both men can take bumps as they give them out.

Final Thoughts

Grade- C 

This show was all about the Shield, every chance was the Shield, no matter how long they stay together they will milk this lol!

The show got better as it went along as it should but the throw away matches were really throw away. Glad there was a big theme match finish adds to the go home show feel. Kudos to the Miz and his mic work and a shout out to Mickie James showing maybe not as over as she should be but a great worker passing on knowledge as she goes. Plus a surprise return is possible the best way for a pop but i was so confused why Kane. Also the Balor wyatt thing in 2017 is not really working with the crowd, monsters fighting demons is very late 80’s early 90’S however maybe Balors skill will shine through like in the past.

What did you think? let us know

Im Paul and thats your Raw Review


Reviews, WWE Raw



Hi Im Paul Kindon and here is a quick review of Monday Night Raw.


The shows opens up straight away to the Miz hosting MIZ TV and with announcement of the Mizzy awards part 2. He awards one to Curtis Axel and they both send best wishes to Bo Dallas.

Miz goes on to talk a bout the destruction of Roman Reigns from last weeks show and awards a award to the Bar (Sheamus and Ceasro) for their part they played in it. The Bar has there entrance and go make there way to the ring to join Miz and Axel.

Sheamus goes on how great the Bar are and how they are going places after last week and thanks the Miz and thanks Roman Reigns for helping. Ceasro says thanks to the Raw tag team champions for helping them be The Bar, Miz address the fact the buzz around the possible Shield reunion and claims that will not happen and that the Shield is outdated etc with a a little time to award himself a Mizzy as well in the process. Kudos to the crowd with the “you deserve it” chants they really made me chuckle.

QUE the big dog music and Roman Reigns enters the arena to quite a good mixed reception compared to the past down pours of boos he been getting. Miz sticks the boot in before Roman shuts him down and tells them to get out his ring.

Shield chants enter the arena as Miz talks bout the numbers game. Miz tells him to get Dean and Seth for back up or was it all rumours.

QUE Dean Ambroses music and enters the lunatic fringe, Miz looks a little worried now, QUE Seth Rollins music and enters The Architect as the Shield stands together on the ramp looking down at the ring, the crowd is loving this and there is a electric feel as they head to the ring. Classic shield surround the ring like old times. Brawl starts as the Shield take advantage and takes apart the Bar and Axel. The Miz is left alone and gets hit with dirty deeds then a classic triple power bomb. The Shield stand tall over a knocked out Miz. All three bump fists as the commentators go on as the Shield has been reunited once again! the crowd is loving it even more.


great start to the show the Miz always delivers on the mic and the inclusion of the bar worked well, the feel when all three members were back together cleaning house was a great moment which will be remembered which WWE needs to start doing again. This will help Roman in the long run as the crowd is not going to Boo the Shield even with Reigns in there, gives everyone involved something to do for a while and will make some great match ups for sure.


Jason showing off his great ring work again taking down Anderson. The crowd loving the 2 SWEET chants tonight.  Very back and forward but alot of time for Jordan to show his power throwing Anderson around with ease. Gallows distract to help Anderson take control before the break.

Come back and Anderson still beating down Jordan targeting the left arm. A lot of keeping Jordan down to the mat working the arm taking the momentum away from Jordan.

Jordan starts making a comeback, crowd showing a lot more interest then normal for Jordan which is definite step in the right direction,

Straps down hit the spear in the corner to Anderson. Gallows interfers for a little distraction but Jason jordan hits with the neck breaker and gets the 3 count.



Very short match nothing special delivered from either men, very smooth and a good job putting Jordan over showing he is great in ring. Right steps in the right direction.


BACKSTAGE the Miz is getting medical attention when Kurt Angle comes in and then announces The Miz and the Bar will face the Shield in a TLC match at the TLC PPV.

ladies and gentlemen………. ELIAS….. for the record this little promo he cuts still work so well and entertaining he does it and keeps him relevant very good booking from WWE.

Elias starts to play but over him a bango noise starts to play as Titus comes out playing and ask “Who wants to work with TITUS WORLDWIDE” AND “WHO WANTS TO FOLLOW APOLLO” Titus plays a song for Elias with the bango, this is actually very entertaining and the crowd love the humour. He announceS Apolo crews as he enters the arena before cutting to a add break.


come back from break and Elias is in control over Crews doing a vicious beat down. working the left arm. The crowd is completely dead for this, the noise from before has totally vanished. Elias hits his old school (walking with Elias).

Crews fights back hitting his trademark dropkick and standing moonsault for a 2 count.

Elias tries to get away but then Crews gets him back and hits a moonsault from the apron.

Crews hitting hard hands to Elias till he pulls him down on the middle rope then hits him with the drift away for the 3 count.



Elias keeps his winning ways on Raw with this over Crews, however a win over Crews again is not really setting the world alight and not going to give him a lot of momentum to go forward, unsure if they will carry this on but i think they need to move on.


Enzo comes out and starts talking again…….. I cant keep focus again for how long he talks nonsense for ages. He talks smack about eh cruiser weights and talks bout his clauses again to protect him, except Kalisto and moans bout fact he got attack by him even with his protection clause. He calls out GM Kurt Angle to settle it ASAP.

Kurt enters the ring to talk with Enzo, Enzo discusses the paperwork about the clause he has against the cruise weight division, asks why Kalisto gets a title shot after he attacked him, Angle explains the clause only works with superstars before the clause not new superstars, Enzo goes on a rant saying he needs respect.

Enzo gets Angle mad and then makes a title match for him against Kalisto for tonight.

Enzo asks he will only defend it if its main event tonight. No answer but looks official, Before Angle leave he adds that it will be a lumberjack match.


Not much to say bout this its Enzo doing same as always and its really getting old, this putting the division on the map thing is still trying to find its feet, however the match made will make Raw finish with a cruiser weight match so that will be interesting.


Match starts off very one sided everything mat tries fails as Stroman is over powering him going into and out of the advert break.

Mat shows a little sign of fight back against Stroman using his speed to his advantage, massive tornado DDT on Stroman and hits a twist of fate with a kick out at 1 from the monster, he goes for another one reversed then hit with 2 choke slams and a running power slam for the 3 count.



Another successful match for Stroman showing off his power and carries on being the dominant force on raw.

Before leaving he carries on the assault to hardy by taking him out to the floor and starts carrying him out of the arena.

At the top of the ramp THE SHIELD APPEAR! To stop Stroman carrying out hardy. Massive stare down but no one is backing down as Stroman attacks reigns as all 3 members start a beat down and a spear from reigns. Stroman starts moving but no good as all 3 keep on the attack. They all look over to the announce table and start ripping it apart. The triple bomb and Stroman is slayed by the hounds of justice. (Nice new Shield shirts BTW)

After a ad break we have a quick chat with the shield backstage and they proclaim there the 3 work horses of the WWE now.

Mickie James promo

Mickie enters the ring to address the crowd, talks about how hard is been fitting back into WWE and could it be her age, says its Alexia blisses fault she feels like this but no more jokes or pranks any more, says Bliss is cowardly and does things behind her back and hides behind Nia. Says she needs to grow up and face a real woman and will be a 7 time WWE womenS champ.

Que Bliss, comes to the stage and says sorry for what she done to her over the weeks, and says made a video showing Mickies career for the younger fans who don’t know who she is.

Video in black and white showing old footage saying how old she is plays. Short sweet and too the point.

Says she is a grandma and get to sleep before TLC.

New chant in biscuit but for Alexia bliss.

Bliss refuses to enter ring for fight James goes after drags her in ring for a quick beat down and bliss runs away.


Short and sweet segment, both women showing there very good on mics again, Bliss still being shown as a little weak as a champ but plays into fact there may be no title change at TLC, these two work well together so lets see what next week brings.

Back stage after a promo for askua, Bayley, Sasha, Aleshia fox, Dana Brooke and Emma all want Asuka at TLC for her debut match. Kurt sets up a fatal 5 way match to determine this.


Cruiser weight action now in a tag team match. This match is very simple action you would expect from the division. Everyone gets there moves in back and forth. Brian hits the slice bread number 2 on Ali for the 3 count.

WINNER – Jack Gallagher and Brian Kendrick


Yet again a match with little story on main roster gets rough 4 mins, not a lot going just showing how wasted some these guys are on the company, this should have been left for 205 live for a little longer and more time. Even the commentators moved on quicker to the next segment faster then anything, not good booking for the lower card of the division at all.

Backstage Miz and Angle talking, Miz said the shield want to take on the world so added another partner to his team for TLC, Enters Braun Stroman making this a 4 on 3 handicap TLC match……. this is going to get very messy!

Is sister abigal alive??

Segment announced as is Abigail alive? Balor enters the arena in ring gear towards the ring, and welcomes everyone to Balor club, goes on to talk a bout last week and the introduction to sister abigal, and goes on to say he ain’t got a clue what to think bout wyatt and says he is a virus and don’t believe his mind games anymore and nothing but seeking attention and talk rubbish all the time. Balor say he and the demon not afraid of him or sis Abigail.

Wyatt cut to a wyatt in a chair, says you should be afraid  of her and she was young when she was taken away, she chose him and they will strike fear. Bray turns his face into the weird face again and talks bout bray like its a different person, this could be Sister Abigail? calls bray her prince, this is all very strange and weird, she says Balor will pay for what he done. Says Balor cannot beat her, tells Balor to run and turns back into Bray and laughs to end.


No idea how to take this, it looks like Sister Abigail is Bray wyatt in makeup? talking as different person in paint and a veal, its al very confusing and no answers to give, very supernatural route to go down in the modern era but lets see how this plays out.



This match lasted alot longer then i fought, all the little fueds playing out between all the ladies, some parts are very sloppy not alot really thought out, just make sure everyone gets there part in till Bayley and Brooke are eliminated. The climax of the match sahsa has Foxy in the bank statement and taps out for the elimination, straight away Emma comes in rolls up Sasha for 3 count and takes the match and the chance to face Asuka.


Not much to say it was just your average 5 way match to get every ones bits in there has been alot of these on both brands and it feels like some weeks they got no ides what to do with the womans division. Will properly remember this match in long run but the Emma Asuka match at takeover was very good and will be a nice addition to TLC.

Backstage interview with Rene and Balor, see the reaction of what happened, he says Bray has released something evil and he is scared and don’t know what to expect and now he knows what he HAS to do now.


Another backstage interview with Kalisto, asking for feelings on the match tonight and he talks bout his inspirations and heroes to get to WWE and how he should stop Enzo as he is a slap to the face. A lot of Rey Mysterio and Eddie Gurrero mentioned…… nice attempt at cheap pops.

Cruiser weight championship match


The lumberjacks all come out to there own music and surround the ring,

Enzo takes a slow advantage to start working the headlock alot, Showing abit of power and Kalisto shows speed as Enzo tries get breather but the Jacks stop him and get him back in.

Kalisto got the crowd behind with some Lucha chants which is nice and seems to be getting on the offensive into the advert break.

Coming back Enzo is control using his power advantage and brawling style over the former lucha dragon.

Kalisto using some aerial offence till Enzo pulls Kalisto into the bottom turnbuckle, looked nasty.

Tpically heel lumberjacks stomp on kalisto, and Enzo carries on assault and a close 2 count.

This match is doing the job very well at the moment, Enzo comes in not being known as a flyer doing beat downs etc with Kalisto trying to fight back. Kalisto is getting good crowd reaction in this match too so its a winner winner.

Enzo takes a swipe at Mustafa and this starts the typical Lumberjack brawl between faces and heels, Kalisto take advantage on Enzo and hits a superplex to the outside into the brawl taking everyone out. Nice spot and got the crowd going well.

Kalisto goes for the Salida del Sol but reversed and Enzo hits the JawdonZo and Mustafa Ali stops the count. Enzo hits Ali with a brutal clothesline and stops Kalisto on the top rope and joins him on there, Kalisto fights back and hits a Salida del Sol  from the top rope for the 3 count



Ok ill admit it…. i didn’t expect much from this match at all, however the story of Enzo heel-ish beat down and not flying around worked a lot and the title change was perfect, Kalisto will be a good champion and i hope he holds on till it and a re match will be on the cards.

Final Thoughts


This was a good episode not great with the two throw away matches and the super weird Sister Abigail moment however the Shield and Miz the bar and Stroman feud works and set up a awesome match the Cruiserweight title match was very well worked and the match of the night. A lot to answer next week and where the story’s go but a solid good night of Raw.

Thank you for reading Im Paul K and see you soon!







Reviews, WWE Raw

RAW Review 25/07/17

Tonight the Drifter is in action and he might break another guitar so nothing else matters. Oh, we’ve also Seth and Dean vs The Miztourage, Bayley vs Sasha and an inevitable triple threat announcement for Braun, Joe and Roman. Let’s do this.

Video recap of Joe/Roman with the Braun Strowman interference from last week.

Commentators welcome us to the show and Kurt Angle comes out. Talks about revealing Jason Jordan as his son last week and says that JJ is making his in-ring debut tonight but won’t be getting any special treatment. Kurt goes to reveal who the #1 contender for Brock at SummerSlam but Braun interrupts him and rightly points out that he won at GBOF and says he doesn’t fear Brock Lesnar, Brock Lesnar fears him.

Joe interrupts and says he should be #1 contender citing the only reason he’s not kicking Braun’s teeth out is the only thing Braun did last week was delay him beating Roman for the third time straight. Joe says Braun and Roman have a lot to settle and he should be #1 contender.

Roman’s music hits and he walks down to the ring. Does he think he should be #1 contender? Shockingly yes. Roman runs down his list of accomplishments and goes for Braun Strowman but Angle gets in between them.

Kurt announces a Fatal-4-Way for the Universal title at SummerSlam. It’s True.

Joe stops his music and screams that it should be one-on-one him vs Brock. Strowman says he doesn’t care how many people are in the match “He just cares about piling bodies.” Awesome. Roman says “Man, shut up” and punches Braun in the face, also cool. The brawl starts and Joe and Roman manage to throw Braun over the guard rail but Braun comes back and beats them both down. Strowman murders all of the rent-a-cops including hip-tossing one out of the ring to the floor completely by-passing the ropes. Joe tries to lock Braun in the Coquina Clutch but the locker room empties and tries to break them up. Roman spears Braun in the confusion and starts throwing wrestlers out. Joe is held back by about 6 guys outside as Strowman hits Roman with the Running Powerslam to end things.

Commentators hype all the matches announced last week as well as Big Cass vs Enzo. Drifter vs Balor No-DQ is next.

Elias sings his song and can barely contain his delight as the crow caterwaul in disapproval Balor’s music interrupts him. Finn looks murderous but still does his full entrance.

Match #1) Elias Samson def. Finn Balor in a no-DQ match (18:26)

Balor and Elias have a basic lightly boring brawl. Samson works Balor’s bad shoulder for a long time including a very dodgy looking shoulder breaker. Balor makes his comeback and pastes Elias on the apron before hitting an apron kick laying him out with chair shots and hitting the Coup de Grace. Before Balor can make the cover Bray Wyatt appears and hits him with Sister Abigail. Samson crawls over to get the pin.

At no point was it even teased that Elias might hit Balor with the guitar again and that is a damn waste. Jason Jordan is up next.

Recap of the big reveal last week and Renee is in a backstage interview with Kurt. Kurt is confident in Jason and Emma interrupts the interview asks what she has to do to get noticed. Says maybe she should start dating Jason. Kurt makes Emma vs Nia Jax for later tonight. Big Show and Enzo backstage Enzo says he doesn’t have a plan and doesn’t need one. And now suddenly Enzo/Cass is next instead of the JJ match.

Enzo cuts a promo says he’s fuelled by passion and ignited by the people. Mixes his metaphors something fierce and calls Cass SAWFT.

Match #2) Big Cass def. Enzo Amore (03:36)

Enzo has a couple little flurries to start but Cass murders him with throws and wears him down in the corners. Cass pins him after the Big Boot.

Cass wants to continue the beatdown after the match but Big Show comes out. Cass catches Show with a Big Boot as he comes in and hits 4 Empire Elbows. Cass stomps on Show for a while before raising his hand and leaving.

Hype for Seth/Dean vs The Miztourage and Sasha vs Bayley. Renee interviews Alexa Bliss. Bliss isn’t worried about SummerSlam says tonight “Team Gag Reflex” will explode. Sasha wouldn’t be able handle losing to Bayley and Bayley won’t be able to handle losing to Sasha tonight the only winner is Alexa Bliss. Good promo.

Match #3) Nia Jax def. Emma (01:23)

Nia destroys Emma and pins her following a running flip senton.

Interview with Akira Tozawa. Recap of RAW and 205 Live last week. Titus interrupts and says he’s had Ariya Daivari vs Tozawa cancelled. Tozawa blows up and says he’s going to the ring. Tozawa marches down with Titus in tow trying to dissuade him. Tozawa pushes Titus away. Tozawa demands Daivari come out and face him like a man. Neville comes out. Says Tozawa’s injured shoulder and shattered confidence are all down to him. Calls Tozawa pathetic, a joke and nothing more than a shell of his former- Before getting smacked in the face. Tozawa hits the Senton on Neville and Daivari comes out and attacks him and Neville. Daivari stands tall and makes the belt motion.

Bayley and Sasha say nothing’s going to ruin their friendship but both make it clear they want to be Women’s champion.

Renee interviews Jason Jordan. Jordan will wrestle Curt Hawkins tonight, he knows all eyes are on him. Says his hero is his father and that his dream has come true.

Seth and Dean backstage. They squabble about making a gameplan for tonight’s match. Dean says Seth has to worry about 3 guys, he has to worry about 4.

Alexa comes out to do commentary.

Match #4) Bayley def. Sasha Banks to determine the #1 contender for the RAW Women’s Championship (12:11)

Bayley and Sasha had the best TV match I’ve seen in weeks, nothing on their Takeover matches but still a really fun back-and-forth. Bayley verses Sasha’s pin off the frog splash to pick up the 1-2-3.

Alexa and Bayley stare down in the ring to send us to break.

Renee interviews Curt Hawkins. He says he doesn’t care about JJ, he’s going to beat him and ruin his debut, the everyone will be talking about Curt Hawkins.

Another very sweet Special Olympics video package.

Jordan keeps the American Alpha theme with new American flag ‘Tron graphics. Crowd is silent.

Match #5) Jason Jordan vs Curt Hawkins (01:43)

Curt Hawkins didn’t know Jordan’s shoulder block into belly-to-belly move. JJ throws Hawkins around and then pins him with a lifting neckbreaker.

Crowd reacted a bit when Jordan was in the ring but nothing special.

Recap of Revival beating the Hardys. In-ring Charly interview with the Revival. Revival excuse Charly and conduct their own interview. They’re the best tag team on the planet. The Club interrupt, say DC is a good brother town.They did everything the Revival did first including being bald. All they see is a couple of top NEEEEERDS.

Match #6) The Revival (Scott Dawson & Dash Wilder) def. The Club (Karl Anderson & Luke Gallows) (08:35)

Okay exchange between the two teams, wrestled at half speed though. Hardys come out halfway through the match and The Revival get the distraction win with a shatter Machine on Karl Anderson.

Hardys attack Revival after the match but Dash and Dawson escape before Jeff can hit a Swanton.

Backstage with Miz and the Miztourage. Miz delivers a motivational speech where he calls Seth & Dean a bad reboot and box-office-bombs. Lovely stuff.

Commentators hype a Table for 3 after RAW tonight as well as Miz TV with Jason Jordan and Braun vs Joe vs Roman in a triple threat for next week’s RAW.

Match #7) Seth Rollins & Dean Ambrose def. The Miztourage (The Miz, Bo Dallas & Curtis Axel) w/Maryse in a Handicap match (17:20)

A quality TV main event. Well-heated when Seth, Dean or Miz were in there crowd not quite ready for main event Bo and Curtis yet. Seth and Dean worked together like they’d never been apart. Last few minutes were fast fun with a great near-fall when Seth broke up Miz’s pin on Dean following the Skull-Crushing Finale. Dean pins Miz with Dirty Deeds following Seth’s Springboard Knee.

Seth offers Dean the Shield fist bump, but Dean just rolls out of the ring and leaves Seth hanging. Goodnight everybody.

A good episode of RAW. Dipped massively between Sasha/Bayley and the main event and the in-ring quality was low barring those two aforementioned matches but RAW delivered in other departments. We had sensible progression for almost every storyline and nothing about the show was cringe-worthy. Jason Jordan isn’t even slightly over yet but give him time. Maybe I’m in a good mood lately but I’ve enjoyed RAW two weeks in a row now and I’m actually looking forward to next week, I can’t say how appreciative I am that they’ve started announcing things for the show a week in advance again.

See you next week where I’m bound to be slightly disappointed because my boy Curtis Axel won’t be in the main event.

Written with love by Mr Ross