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Hi i’m Paul Kindon and heres a review of the Smackdown live after hell in the cell

Show opens up on a epic recap on the main event, after we hear annocement that Kevin Owens and Sami Zayn will appear tonight.

Also AJ styles will get his rematch for the united states title tonight against Baron Corbin.


Jimmy and Jey slowly walk down to the ring to a nice pop showing respect for there work at Hell in a cell. Quick pictures showing there match with the New Day.

Very cockey and confident promo claiming they own the divison and have it on lock down, they go on to call out the new day to tell them something to there face

QUE usally pop for the new day who also showing battlewounds as they walk slowly down. A staredown to start to get the crowd going.

The Usos say they made history that night and all the other tag teams in the back suck and these two teams are the best. They go on to say that no matter what these two make magic in that ring. They get real and claim no one sees them in the state they were after the match driving to the next town and only the new day know how that feels after hell in a cell.

The new day ask if the Usos are asking for a truce? The Usos respond with just repect.

QUE The hype bros come running out, mojo claims yes its only two tag teams getting all the time in the spot light and nothing for anybody else. Nice jab from a Uso bout Mojo sitting on the sidelines like his NFL career

QUE Gable and Benjamins music, Gable said they should be next in line before the Hype bros for titles. the usos claims Gable is smart getting a Benjamin for a partner but no back off the line,

QUE Breezangos music and enter the arena.

QUE the Aascensions music straight away and enter the arena to join, they say they fed up being in the wasteland.

Usos lay a challenge for any team to make a name for them selfs.

Que GM Daniel Bryan enters arena and says tonight isnt the night for this, thanks them for there match but tells them get out the ring and sets up a fatal 4 way match for the new number 1 contenders for the Usos.


Not alot to go on about this match, the crowd is very dead and its standard everyone having a little go and showing what they can do. Gable and Benjamin get alot of time early on showing great team work together, pretty much the only team the crowd interested in. Breezango got a little reaction before the match earlier but more shock factor they were actually on tv no in the fashion files. Small moment all teams get in ring to square off before the ads kick in.

Comeback to Mojo in control of Tyler Breeze, quick brakedown brawl leaving Mojo and Breeze. Leads to the hype bros fighting together after a miscomunication but zack ryder gains control.

Benjamin hits everyone with a powerful big move and him and Gable stand tall. Fandango gets involved however fails a leg drop. Gable and benjamin hit there finisher and get the 3 count for the win and the title shot.



Not alot going for this match. Make sure every gets a turn and makes some noise however part from Gable and Benjamin no other team got a reaction, the hype bros still showing the signs of the break up but yet again no pay off so not really bothered at the moment now and bored of waiting for anything to happen. Good showing and right booking of the winners.


Quick backstage moment showing Owens and Zayns dressing room but been told we got to wait for them. Most like ending of the show right there.

announced for later Nakamura and Orton vs Rusev and Aiden English for later on.

After a recap of the womens match from Hell in a cell we go to backstage segement with All the women ending in a brawl between Nattie and Charlotte after talking smack about Ric Flair.

Cut to Rene to talk to Baron Corbin and we get in sight of there match tonight with AJ styles.


Feels like forever seeing Becky in ring action. Becky is over Carmella scrappy brawling. Carmella out the ring uses Elsworth to get cheap shot in and starts on the offensive. Still very scrappy and brawling style from this till till Carmerlla hits a head lock on and starts working it.

Crowd nicely behind Lynch which is good. Traditional Becky come back alot of punches, Hits the Disarmer on Carmella and taps out for the win.



Yes it was OK, but nothing will change after this match, Carmella still made out to look super weak and this hasnt helped Becky get a title shot at all. Not much wrestling at all all very much like a street brawl.


Owens comes out barely walking looking completly battered and bruised after his match with Shane. Owens brags over victory and sending Shane to hell. Claims Shane isnt coming back. Talks bout him seeing the light during there match and came close to death but the world needs Kevin Owens and he has a guardian angle in Sami Zayn. His mission now is to make Smackdown Live  Kevins Heaven or the Kevin Owens show again. He introduces Sami Zayn as his best friend???

Que Zayn and he enters the ring Kevin wants him to tell him to say he didnt ask for his help however he thanks him anyway. Sami says the attack a few weeks ago opened his eyes about trying to please people brought him nothing but no success and how Kevin owens got all his succes not matter what. He said he thought he had a chance on Smackdown live with a chance and respect from Shane and claimed nothing had happened at all since he came over. He claims Shane never cared about him. Shane went to far at Hell in a cell. He and Kevin were still brothers forever and he saved him and that was the right thing to do cause Shane went to far. Sami thanks Owens and they hug it out in the ring. There friendship brotherhood is back and stronger then ever.


Nice promo Kevin Owens is still one of the best heels on the roster and this allaince can go a lot of places, they needed to do something with Sami after a failed push since coming to Smackdown so overall happy with this booking.


Orton starts out like a house on fire really taking it to Rusev,  outside the ring Aiden tries to help however Orton slams Rusev into the announce table really early on.  Another distraction from English and a big kick to Orton and a neck breaker on the outside. There in complete control now as go to ad break.

Rusev still in control when come back on Orton, good team work with Rusev and English as they carry on a beat down, a few little comeback attempts but nothing working.

POW vintage Orton powerslam and hot tag to NAKAMURA taking both his oppodents out. Hitting all his vintage strong style offence on English. Rusev stops the Kinshasa but Orton hits the RKO to rusev and then the Kinshasa to English for the 3 count


Nice little quick tag match, right people go over, nice to see the RKO and the Kinsha in the same match. Standard beat down and hot tag scenario.

Backstage interview Styles and usual chatting bout Corbin before there match.

Promo showing Luke Harper and Eric Rowan standing will mallets saying there bludgeon brothers showing there reforming as a tag team, least Harper back on TV.


Goes on to say how GLORIOUS his PPV debut match was on Sunday till Ziggler ruined it with the Zig Zag. He asks Ziggler for a fight.

Que Zigglers music, well till its cut again like at the pay per view (might be he his new music/ gimmick)

Ziggler goes on and says well done to Roode on his entrance and then when it came to the wrestling he was the better man. Saying Roode panicked and had to cheat to win cause he was better. Not just a flashy entrance he was a cheater. Ziggler still playing on he is the best in ring in WWE and he wants a re match.

Bobby accepts the re match, Bobby has forgotten his lines and it shows really bad until he gets back into it and says lets have the rematch now. Ziggler teases alot and even a ref goes out but refuses and that is the end


Roode messes up and it shows him quite badly, nothing really moved forward in this that we didn’t already know, we knew they be a rematch after the last match so nothing to rave about here in this promo.


Baron Corbin (c) Vs AJ Styles. 

Early match Corbin cant get going and needs to re group himself on the outside a few times. Showing how superrior AJ is in the ring. Cut to a ad break.

Come back Corbin in control with a monsterous clothesline on Styles and carries out a assualt on him. A nice few spots out the ring into the announce table and stlyes hits all his signatures for the crowd

Very back and forward both men get a lot in, both look very good, . Styles comes back to get the calf crusher on but Corbin breaks out. Styles takes a big bump being thrown from the apron to the floor, Corbin drags him in to the ring.

END OF DAYS 3 count Corbin wins clean and retains his championship. Post match interview with Rene and Corbin, Corbin tells the audience he not going anywhere and really bragging this victory.



A very solid match, both men look good together, just not a lot of time for the main event, the post match interview was so short it just felt odd being there.

Final thought


A odd show after a epic PPV the matches didnt burn the house down, the storys going forward are good and will be played out well, the math of the night belongs to the United states match the rest of the card was pretty weak however there in early building period for the next PPV so lets see where we go from here.

Im Paul Kindon and thanks for reading.