Ultimate Warriors Brother Makes A Shocking Claim!

The Ultimate Warriors Brother Spoke About How Fake Dana is. Details below
“You know I’ve tried to post quite a few things since Jim’s death and for some reason she either blocked some or I don’t now they get erased but I know I talk to Jim a short time before his death in the impression I got was he was getting ready to be left by his wife and his kids because he was out of money if people only knew what a fake person this lady is fake fake fake fake fake and I don’t say that lightly. This is going to sound really crude but Jim passing away was the best thing that ever happened to Dana she called my mom 1015 times a day for the first couple days until she realize that the money was there since and not a word not a word if people really knew what type of person she is they would not give her the time a day she was going to leave him because he was broke I met her when she was 22 straight out of college she turned her back on her own mother for money. And now to see her stand up like she has something to say that’s worth listening too it’s pathetic it is pathetic like I said Jim dying was the best thing ever happened to her why do you think he went back to WWE so his wife wouldn’t leave him. People are going to believe what they want I had nothing against her until I talk to Jim did that last time they were at Disney World and they wouldn’t even slow down so he could keep up walking with them I could hear the hurt in his voice I believe in karma and I believe Dana you’re going to get what’s coming to you believe me I’m not trying to convince people that Jim was any kind of Saint he was controlling self-centered narcissist but he was my brother.”



wwe crowd

Before I get a beaten down, this is only my opinion on the matter and obviously not meant to be taken seriously just have a read and see what you think.

Pro wrestling from the beginning of time is based on a performance of superstars putting on a show and getting a reaction from the audience, a audience can make a show feel electric and sometimes a audience can kill a show dead in its tracks, have the audience abused there power though over the years?

My first point i would like to address is beachball mania!

At certain shows and matches in the last few months when fans feel like they don’t care about whats going on in the ring they will play with a beach ball instead, If your a talent in the ring and then hear these chants going around the arena how are you supposed to feel? Act? carry on with the performance, granted it may be more of the booking that is to blame here however does it give the audience the right to show this disrespect?

Now im not saying all the time is it bad as some cases shown like Daniel Bryan after Wrestlemania and Bayley in Scotland fans can make a good sensation and feel for a show.

What do you lot think? Are fans getting more power is it bad? Good? when you have paid for a ticket do you have the actual right to voice any opinion you want regardless of the outcome??

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48 Thoughts I Had Watching The Latest Episode of NXT

8th November 2017
Full Sail Arena

  1. Heavy Machinery to kick things off, yessir!
  3. Loving the new bandannas.
  4. Otis Dozovic is such a preposterous shape. No kind of tall but as wide as 3 men.
  5. Oh man, Sean Maluta back down to jobber status. That’s a damn shame.
  6. Kris Payne… more like BE IN PAYNE, amirite?
  7. WHAT? Otis Dozovic just did the WORM?!
  9. Of all the things I would have expected… let me just pick my jaw up off the ground.
  10. Loving Chris Payne’s deadfall.
  11. Hella nice springboard elbow drop from Tucker Knight!
  12. If in doubt, pile on!
  13. Nice quick match to start off and reaffirm my love of Heavy Machinery.
  14. This Kairi Sane v Billie Kay match is the most Disney-esque match I’ve ever seen.
  15. A hero pirate princess versus the villainous evil queen. I love it!
  16. I swear Peyton Royce’s shirt gets smaller every time she comes to the ring.
  17. Sane has such a good finisher. The height on her Insane Elbow Drop is…well…insane.
  18. Just like in true Disney fashion, good triumphs over evil!
  19. Of course Regal has his own action figure on his desk.
  20. Kassius Ohno wearing a (god awful) Cesaro t-shirt. Nice throwback to Kings of Wrestling days!
  21. Oh lord, Ohno wants Lars Sullivan. Regal: “Erm… are you sure mate?”
  22. Andrade Cien Almas embracing his silent Spanish soap opera persona, whilst Zelina does the talking.
  23. I swear, Velveteen Dream’s entrance is verging on soft porn.
  24. D-R-E-A-M.
  25. Props to the dude with the backwards baseball cap in the crowd dancing along. I feel you, brother.
  26. That Death Valley driver and cartwheel combo is niiiiiice.
  27. Is it just me or does it feel like Ruby Riot is falling under the radar again?
  28. Oh bore off, Sonya Deville.
  29. “Heal fast.” Why’s that? Incase Shayna Baszler comes along and does your gimmick properly?
  31. *thrusts cup at random man*
  32. “OUR suit”… “OUR car” last week. This is too funny.
  34. Roddy Strong v Adam Cole is going to be so good.
  35. ADAM COLE *screams at TV* BAY BAY!
  36. There is such supreme chemistry going on here.
  37. Each move looks authentic as HELL.
  38. Aaaaaah Cole did the “Oh no” face again, HAHA!
  39. Jesus Christ, what a backbreaker!
  40. Oh look Cole, your mates are here to help.
  41. But wait, Roddy has friends too!
  42. Well… friends is probably pushing it. I still find this Authors of Strong Pain partnership weird.
  43. Can’t have a random ring invasion without SAniTY too!
  44. Alexander Wolfe should not be able to fly over the ropes like that.
  45. Holy crap, Roddy and Cole superplexed into EVERYONE!
  46. This is like a scene from Platoon.
  47. Christ, War Games is going to be MENTAL.
  48. Bring it on.

Uprising 5 – Rise To The Throne Review


Sunday past gave us the latest instalment of Uprisings latest show and once again they delivered another quality afternoon. There will be an audio review of this show to come but these are notes and thoughts from a live perspective as I saw it.


Jordan Devlin Bt Scotty Davis

Walking in the door and seeing Jordan Devlin heavily strapped from his war against Matt Riddle the night before had a lot wondering just how fit he would be to perform. We shouldn’t have worried as these two went at each other full force. All the usual spots you expect from these two and very entertaining. Ended with the devastating Package Piledriver from Devlin. Scotty Davis is rising very quickly. So much talent at that age is scary. Nothing else can be said for Jordan. The Import Killer is arguably the best Irish wrestler around today.

Curtis Murray bt Russell Dempster

The tournament kicked off with Northern Ireland’s golden boy Curtis Murray taking on the powerhouse Russell Dempster. Curtis has been a feature figure in OTT’s main shows this year and it’s easy to see why. He does things in that ring that leave you on the edge of your seat. If you haven’t seen him yet I highly recommend you book a ticket to any show is is on. Russell Dempster has improved so much from my first time seeing him. Powerful and for a big guy he moves very quickly. Finally finding his feet as a heel with his distain for the crowd and his opponents shining through. Curtis finished this with his Canadian destroyer and Springboard Cutter combination.

Brian Corr bt Calum Black

Brian Corr never fails to surprise me when it comes to his athletic ability. I said in my previous piece that I was looking forward to seeing more of B Corr and he didn’t disappoint. These two served up a good contest with Black playing the cocky heel and his entertaining one liners. He dominated a large part of this match but Corr was able to mount a comeback and hit some awesome high flying offence to advance through.


Angel Cruz bt Gavin Fitz

The massive improvement in Gavin Fitz has been a joy to watch. He was always talented but now he looks sharper and more crisp in the ring. Going in against Angel Cruz was always a big ask especially with Team Prick at ringside. This was a hard hitting contest with Fitz coming close on several occasions. Eventually Team Prick (which ones which?) did get involved and cost Fitz his chance at Rising To The Throne.


Eddie Stone bt Blake Richards

The final qualifier saw my pick Eddie Stone take on Uprisings high flyer Blake Richards. Eddie was met with serious heat from the crowd. Unconfirmed reports that Eddie’s Dad sells Avon. On a more serious note Eddie is a heat magnet. Ripping up fans signs nearly led to a contest between himself and Randy ‘The Milkman’. (Sidenote…Never offer to fight a wrestler, it won’t end well for you) Another hard hitting contest that saw both men put all they had into it. Blake was the clear fan favourite and gave everything he had but just came up short to the ever impressive Stone. Another good showing from Blake Richards despite the defeat.


Debbie Keitel bt Amy Allonsy

After a short break the girls kicked off the second half of the show. Finally the one on one contest we wanted was given the green light. Amy injured her knee jumping off the corner and landing awkwardly. Debbie tried not to deliberately target her weakened knee but eventually went for it. Not a full turn for Debbie but it was teased. Locking in the sharpshooter for the win. ‘The Whole Shebang’ wins the first match in what could be a long rivalry. There’s no doubt these two have a lot more in store for us in the next few months.



The KOTN bt PerFlex View (Adam Maxted & “The View” Steven Carvel)

First of, Damien Corvin is an absolute warrior. Hobbling around with a bad calf and his back having so many holes it resembled a Tetley’s Tea bag. When it came to showtime you would never have known. The beat of the drums and The Kings were out for a fight. And that’s exactly what they got….sort of. PerFlex View used every trick in the book trying to cheat their way to victory. Bonesaw was like a kid in a candy store he was having so much fun. Either that or he just really enjoys hurting people. It’s most likely the latter. As the Kings were setting up their go home finishers Flex and Carvel delivered low blows to end this in a DQ. The post match attack will leave them two looking over their shoulders for the next few months.


Main Event
Fatal 4 Way Elimination Match
Curtis Murray bt Eddie Stone/Brian Corr & Angel Cruz to win the RTTT Tournament

This was absolute chaos in the best possible way. It’s becoming Uprisings trademark these Fatal 4 Ways. Carnage from bell to bell. You can always expect something obscene in a match that has Angel Cruz involved. Luckily for us he did not have his chainsaw or axe in hand. He did pick up a fan and throw her like a lawn dart at Curtis Murray though. This was fast paced and hard hitting. Fighting in the ring and the crowd. Fighting each other and Team Prick. Gavin Fitz gained revenge on Cruz for his earlier antics by hitting the ring with two huge sidekicks (Gunther Isaak and Will Batson) who took out Team Prick and Angel got eliminated. Next to go was surprisingly Eddie Stone. His old nemesis Curtis Murray again hitting him with a superkick and B Corr finished the job. At this point it was anyone’s game but Curtis Murray has been on such a roll this year he got the job done delivering his ‘Curtis Cutter’ (No?) to Brian Corr for the 123.


Post match celebrations were cut short as Eddie Stone returned to take Curtis out and walk away with the trophy. These two are building quite the story and the one on one contest cannot be far away.



A lot of talent on show again. The Uprising shows have all the makings of a good entertaining afternoon. But what I personally like most is the wrestling. The technical ins and out. Most if not all have improved so much. Sundays MVP has to go to Brian Corr. Our boss man picked him for the win. I doubted it but boy did make an impression.

Here’s to another show in the near future!


Picture credit to@amyxafc


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44 Thoughts I Had Watching The Latest Episode of NXT

1st November 2017
Full Sail Arena

  1. Here comes the Queen of Facial Expressions, Taynara Conti, to kick things off. Lovely.
  2. Of course, she is being sacrificed to Nikki Cross, so not so lovely for her.
  3. Nikki always looks like she’s having such a great time… whilst she’s slamming your face against the ring.
  4. Eh, that was a super quick match but did its job.
  5. Mercedes Martinez is struggling with this promo.
  6. “The person who won’t win is the person who is not good at winning big matches.” Thanks for your insight.
  7. The amount I love Johnny Gargano’s theme on a scale of 1-10 is probably about 25.
  8. Is Fabian Aichner a real life version of the Move-Set Guy from WWE 2K18?
  9. Gargano must be the most over star on NXT right now, right?
  10. His Slingshot Spear always looks SO DAMN GOOD.
  11. Add into that his Slingshot DDT too. Boy has one of the best move-sets around.
  12. As much as his current losing streak makes sense for his story line, I still hate seeing him lose.
  13. Aichner’s previous match against Kassius Ohno makes the win more believable.
  14. Aleister Black v Velveteen Dream is going to be so great.
  15. Black admitting Velveteen finally has his attention. Shivers, man.
  16. Did Velveteen Dream have 3 sunglass lenses on that match graphic?
  17. HAHA. Why have I never noticed that before?
  18. My third eye sees you, child.
  19. I love Street Profits so much. Montez Ford is a superstar.
  20. Wait, Riddick Moss and Tino Sabbatelli share the car? Like a married couple?
  21. Andrade Cien Almas attacking Drew McIntyre on the ramp before the contract signing. That was not tranquilo.
  22. I love that we get to see the Iconic Duo every week, even if they’re not wrestling.
  23. “Halloween was yeeeeesterrday.” Savage.
  24. Kairi Sane just carries her ship wheel around at all times like a steering wheel lock?
  25. This female announcer is annoying. Every. Syll-a-ble. Must. Be. Forced.
  26. I miss Greg Hamilton.
  27. SAnitY can use the Freebird rule for their tag matches, I dig it.
  28. Gives their stable another level of unpredictability, as you don’t know for sure who you’ll be facing.
  29. Alexander Wolfe is such a loon. IN-RING MOSHPIT!
  30. A wild Killian Dain appeared!
  31. It’s not very effective…
  32. Oh man, are my ROH stable dreams coming to fruition tonight?
  33. Sigh. Of course not.
  34. Authors of Pain and Roderick Strong are such a bizarre combination.
  35. The Authors of Back Breaking Pain?
  36. Uh oh, Regal is here to give you all a ruddy good talking to.
  37. Yessss, that pop when he said “two rings”. WE ALL KNOW WHAT’S UP.
  39. How helpful to have the War Games graphic just ready to go on the screen…
  41. Three Teams.
  42. Two Rings.
  43. One Cage.
  44. War Games is coming to Houston!
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Halloween Havoc or Horror ?

As a wrestling fan I sometimes feel bad making fun of WCW, but unfortunately no one remembers WCW for the good moments only the disasters. At Halloween Havoc 1995 the card was really not the best, earlier in the show The Giant and Hulk Hogan had a monster truck sumo match. After this match The Giant got thrown off the top of the building where the monster truck sumo happened so how in any way could he return for his title match later.

To no one’s surprise The Giant ‘From the dungeon of doom’ made his grand return and a very slow and boring match followed. A standard match until one certain point.

In wrestling there a specific real names fans recognise like Mark Calaway, Glenn Jacobs and Paul Levesque. Another name in history is Ronald Allen Reis, ok maybe not but maybe his WCW name should make him more recognisable – The Yeti. One of the tallest wrestlers in history with his real height at 7 ft 2 he could have been a legend in wrestling history but it was never going to turn out that way with what happened at his big debut.

Back to the match and Hulk Hogan has just dropped the Leg on The Giant which means the match is about to end. However when the referee goes for the pin Jimmy Hart attacks the ref and turns against Hogan, Jimmy Hart then signals for someone to come out which is Randy Savage and Lex Luger and them two just start fighting for some unknown reasons.

Out of the darkness a monster suddenly appears he is “THE YETAY”. The problems with this absolute monster called the Yeti is the way he looks. In my personal opinion a Yeti is a large ape like creature not a man covered in what looks like used bog roll. If you don’t believe me look below to see the spectacle for yourself.

Related image

Whilst The Yeti stumbles to the ring The Giant has Hulk Hogan in a bear-hug. So to assist the fellow dungeon of doom member The Yeti gets Hulk Hogan in a bear-hug at the same time as The Giant. Something that looks like an awkward three way hug between people who really don’t want to be there.

Image result for wcw the yeti bearhug
The Giant (Left Side) with Yeti (Right Side) and Hulk Hogan trapped in the middle of the double bear-hug whilst Jimmy Hart (Black Suit) just shouts a lot.
A confusing ending means The Giant wins the match but not the title, but he just takes the title anyway and the commentary team just sound confused but go along with it anyway.

So that pretty much sums up the ending of WCW Halloween Havoc 1995. Also I forgot to mention the entire the crowd is booing and shouting “bullshit” and personally I think that sums up not only this moment but the entire show in general. A horrifying moment for all the wrong reasons .

I have been Connor , Happy Halloween Wrestling Fans.


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46 Thoughts I Had Watching The Latest Episode of NXT

25th October 2017
Full Sail Arena

  1. You know things are gonna be good when NXT starts with Regal laying down the law.
  2. Oney Lorcan and Danny Burch as a tag team. FINALLY.
  3. Bald brothers unite. All hail Boney Lurch.
  4. So Tino Sabatelli’s gimmick is “I am rich” and Riddick Moss’ gimmick is “I have a rich friend”?
  5. European uppercuts for everyone!
  6. Someone needs to book Oney v Cesaro in a “Battle of the Uppercuts” match.
  7. Hell, make it a triple threat with Danny Burch and you can take all my money.
  8. Dammit, Boney Lurch lost!
  9. I blame the lack of matching ring gear. Sort it out, lads.
  10. Taynara Conti’s “Oh crap, I’ve made a mistake” face never fails to amuse me.
  11. Nice to see some old faces from the Mae Young Classic involved in this Battle Royal.
  12. Oh hell yeah, Candice getting her own entrance and theme music.
  13. Nikki’s entrance music is so good.
  14. Ladies, she’s behind you.
  15. They’re really pushing this “crazy bitch” persona for Nikki. I love it.
  16. Of course Conti is the first to get eliminated.
  17. Nigel just called Peyton “PeyRo”. Spread it like wildfire.
  18. I see you Aaliyah. Fed up of STILL being in the Performance Center yet?
  19. #JusticeforNhooph.
  20. Biana Belair is seriously impressive, especially for someone who has only been wrestling a year or so.
  21. From now on, all hip/ass attacks shall be known as “Gluteus Maximus Attackus”. Thanks, Mauro.
  22. Nikki takes out eeeeverybody with a plancha.
  23. Holy crap, that overhead press slam from Belair.
  24. Aw, bye Candice.
  25. GENIUS move by Billie Kay, using Belair’s own hair against her.
  26. Oh. That came back to bite her in the ass quite quickly.
  28. Yay Nikki is the fourth woman in the fatal four-way and the crowd is finally awake.
  29. I am loving how completely different each of the women’s characters in this upcoming match.
  30. A pirate, a werewolf, a bogan and a maniac walk into a bar…
  31. Excuse my fangirling but YAAAAAS MARMOZETS for Houston Takeover.
  32. Velveteen Dream appearing behind Aleister Black like a god damn PHANTOM.
  33. I am so stoked for this feud to come to fruition.
  34. Zelina Vega, man. Austin Aries is a lucky guy.
  35. “Greatest manager that ever lived”?
  36. This match is damn good, Roddy is on point. Backbreakers all round.
  39. Oh Almas, honey. The reason you have a manager is that you don’t ever have to talk. Shhh.
  40. Enough teasing with the ROH stable, dammit!
  41. Even Full Sail wants it.
  42. AHHH, he’s offering the armband.
  43. Take it.
  44. TAKE IT.
  46. ROH Stable inbound!
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43 Thoughts I Had Watching The Latest Episode of NXT

18th October 2017
Full Sail Arena.

  1. I’m still getting used to this theme music.
  2. At least it’s stuck for now, there was a period where we had a new one every week.
  3. Starting with the women’s triple threat, nice.
  4. Do you think Sonya Deville is pissed at Shayna Baszler for basically stealing her gimmick but doing it better? At least Shayna is an actual MMA star, and damn scary.
  5. I still see Ember Moon struggling with her gimmick. You cannot be a mystical werewolf/vampire if you are then going to turn into a preppy cheerleader halfway down the ramp.
  6. Ruby’s kicks looking BRUTAL.
  7. Hah, as if Mauro just mentioned Sonya being a less successful version of Shayna. Get out of my head, Ranallo.
  8. “She is against two of them.” Percy Watson’s first words on commentary tonight. Anyone else getting feelings of Perd from Parks & Recreation?
  9. Holding onto the ropes in a DQ match won’t help you, Ruby.
  10. SURPRISE ECLIPSE. Ember’s through to the Fatal Four Way.
  11. Have NXT always had this security backstage footage?
  12. I am all on board for Roddy joining The Undisputed Era. ROH Stable, please and thank you.
  13. Iconic Duo are the BEST. MEEEESTAHHH REEEGAL.
  14. “…insert me…”, PHRASING, Billie.
  15. Billie’s exasperated face and grunts give me life.
  16. No pop and generic entrance theme and music for Raul Mendoza. I am so sad.
  17. Aleister Black has the mother of all entrances. From the music to him raising from the dead, the smoke and jumping over the ropes to sit cross legged in the middle of the ring, it all works.
  18. I remember the first time I saw it at Takeover and I almost had a meltdown.
  19. Velveteen Dream looking damn good in that vest.
  20. I never, in a million years, would have thought a feud between Aleister Black and Velveteen Dream would work, but I am 100% invested.
  21. Raul flies like a damn superstar. Brother needs pushing to 205 Live.
  22. This Drew McIntyre interview is totally awkward.
  23. Christy St Cloud deserves a place in the ring with all of this overselling.
  24. Whoever came up with the idea of Zelina Vega being Andrade Cien Almas’ manager needs a damn promotion. What a turnaround for the guy, well deserved.
  25. Also, her pronunciation of Andrrrrade is on point.
  26. I love Kassius Ohno but does anyone else get the feeling he’s treading water? He needs a decent storyline and to stop facing jobbers day in, day out.
  27. Some better gear would be good too. Get Kevin Owens’ stylist on the case.
  29. SAnitY yay! Undisputed Era yay! I AM SO CONFLICTED.
  30. This is all way too generic for me. Crap music, crap video. CFO$ needs to get his head in the game.
  31. Kyle O’Reilly carries himself like a half-way animation of an ape from Planet of the Apes.
  32. Alexander Wolfe moshpit is imminent.
  33. “Cross body, and I mean BODY”, never change Mauro.
  34. Killian Dain is destroying everyone!
  35. The strength on Killian Dain is actually ridiculous!
  36. Uh oh, they’ve got you cornered now, BAY BAY.
  37. Where you gonna run to?
  39. Hah, Dain’s taunting them. “You want some? Come on then!”, AOP “…K”
  40. I can’t believe I honestly had forgotten we’ve not seen them since Takeover.
  41. Cole, Fish and O’Reilly taking this opportunity to get the hell away.
  43. Time for a new chapter to be written.

WWE Employee wishes Matt Hardy dead?

So earlier this morning an employee of WWE named Julie Youngberg who was married to former WWE talent and good friend of the Hardy’s Shannon Moore went full on attack mode on twitter. It all started with a fan speculated about the possibility of Matt Hardy being the fifth and final member of team Miz that is where Julie started by saying she wished that it was “dead Matt” who would be the fifth man. Things got worse and Reby Hardy went on to engage with her in a Twitter Battle. below is the tweets from both women.

This is not the first time that Julie Youngberg has been outspoken on Social Media and gotten into a fight with Reby Hardy.

Previously, she spoke out and said that Matt was not the father of Reby’s son, and called the baby ‘half black’. That time Reby called her out as well and accused her of having an extramarital affair, with Justin Gabriel.





Hey @WWE! Your employees have too much time on their hands; they’re busy creating paranoid, racist delusions. Oh & fucking Justin Gabriel ☕️


Say it in person next time ! Say hi, babe ! What’s GOOD, twitter fingers !!! Just remember: I ain’t got a job to lose https://twitter.com/anjewelsbrand/status/920425619447480325 

 She also alluded to the time when Youngberg had previously spoken up against Matt and her on Twitter.

This crackhead been running her mouth for YEARS. We forget she exists until she comes out her mouth every few months

🎵Why you so obsessed🎵 https://twitter.com/anjewelsbrand/status/920425619447480325 

The nut who tweeted Matt wasn’t Maxel’s dad a few years ago & his “real” dad was black…Bc that’s the worst “insult” she could think of https://twitter.com/deandrebrownv3/status/920474188795797504 


Ok everyone. I don’t care about the NC crew… do whatever u want losers. I accidentally married into that psycho club and now I’m out.

And why I’m fighting with ghosts from my past is beyond me….

Just who the hell is Julie Youngberg anyway? Who? Oh, some chick that got destroyed by @RebyHardyhttps://twitter.com/anjewelsbrand/status/920467228960706562 

She is someone who’s been employed by wwe for 30 yrs…made most of the iconic costumes you’ve watched on tv.


That u can become “someone” thru marriage makes me laugh… try hard work and talent! Then talk to me.

I do want to say in all this @JEFFHARDYBRAND has been nothing but nice. he is a true superstar.

Now that the battle ended for now The WWE Seamstress may have taken things a tad too

far this time, and WWE might not be tolerant of her abusive and offensive tweets.

She may find she has stitched herself into a corner with her torrent of tweets